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Board Rules

Standard Message Board Rules

1. No offensive language (swear words/cuss words, sexist, racist, religious) - including variations of offensive language with different spellings or letters omitted, etc.

2. No personal attacks/name-calling of anyone - coaches, players, employees, fellow posters, recruits, etc. If there is a poster or posters you find annoying or don't want to read, use the ignore function.

3. No posting of copyrighted material from this network or any other entity

4. No pornographic or obscene photos in avatars, posts, or signature files. Also, please don't link to this type of material or suggest to others where to find such material

5. No posting of any type of content that could be libelous

6. Don't spam the board

7. Don’t use the board to communicate with one or two fellow users - that is what private messaging is for.

8. No commercial offers or solicitation of business or Internet traffic

9. No posting of information that is fabricated or known to be false

10. Violating any of these rules could lead to a post and/or entire thread being edited or deleted. It could also lead to the user being blacklisted or banned.

BOL Message Board Protocol

1. BOL Round Table
The BOL Round Table is for Alabama sports, recruiting and general sports discussions. Some general discussion and off-topic posts are permitted at times, but are subject to deletion at the sole discretion of the BOL Staff if the board deviates from its core focus. This board is moderated by the BOL staff. Fans of other schools are permitted to read available posts (if user selects show all option when posting) but are not permitted to post messages.

2. Recruiting Central
The BOL Recruiting Central board's primary purpose is for BOL members to have a message board to ask the BOL Staff recruiting-based questions. The board's secondary purpose is for general recruiting discussions among Alabama fans. Only members from BamaOnLine are permitted to post messages and/or ask questions. This board is heavily moderated by the BOL Staff.

3. The Water cooler (Off-Topic)
BOL's Water cooler message board is our version of an off-topic exchange between college sports fans. Members/subscribers from all 247Sports network team sites are permitted to post and read messages from this board. General banter is accepted and almost anything goes as long as users abide by BOL/247Sports Standard Message Board Rules (listed above). This board is moderated by the BOL Staff, but not as heavily as the Round Table.

4. Ticket Exchange
The BOL Ticket Exchange is for all members/subscribers of the 247Sports network to buy and sell tickets. Only members/subscribers of the 247Sports network are permitted to posts on the Exchange. This board is for individuals only. Ticket brokers and agencies are not permitted to sell or broker tickets without express consent from BOL.

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