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*** Eddie Vanderdoes tweets (updaded 10:23 AM)

  • Best recruiting part of Bama's complex...*Terry Saban's kitchen" on Sunday morning LOL

  • mlpw

    Economy Comfort is a step-up from coach, but not as pricey as first class. Different airlines are taking a slightly different approach with the name. (premium plus, economy comfort, etc…)

    The exit row would be an example. However, most airlines have taken one row out, and adjusted about 3 rows with this “found” space. This might be a new small section of seats, or the first few rows in economy. 3”-4” extra inches of space per seat for leg room. It does not sounds like much, but in reality it makes a huge difference.

    When you are booking a flight online, pull-up the seating chart. On Delta I believe this new “section”is labeled in green colored seats on the chart. You pay a small amount to upgrade.

    My son just flew one-way from Atlanta to Las Angeles. He upgraded to economy comfort for $51.00 For $4.00 less he could have had economy comfort but without a reclining seat. He went all out and spent the extra $4.00 I believe if you are booking online, it is at the end after paying, you can purchase an upgrade. My son bought his at the airport at check-in.

    Hope this helps.