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*** Sunday's live softball thread: Kentucky at Alabama

  • I don't even know where to begin with this post. The spelling, the grammar, the punctuation, the run-on sentences. This is just a spectacularly awful post as far as the English language is concerned. Bravo.

  • BB2One

    I was taught a long time ago you can't argue or reason with foolish thought.

  • C'mon now. The poster made some good points. For example, um... hmm... well, you know.

  • BB2One

    lol Did you read through it twice to pick those out (g).
    The funniest part of that ramble is no one that loves and supports this team is happy with how this season turned out. Not even the players themselves. Not the coaches. But, they all had the foresight to realize this team was nothing like the team that just won the Championship a few short months prior. No team in the history of sport can ever be when you lose more than 1/2 of your starting batting lineup from that winning team. Yes, we have brought in some very talented and high acclaimed players from the High School ranks. That's the point - they were HS stars. I don't care who you are in most sports around the world - when your first moving up to a new level of competition, where everyone you face now has talent as equal or close to...and in many case more, you have to go through your growing pains to become the player many ranking you think you will be. Last years Championship team had to go through the same from their Freshman, Soph. and even Junior struggles. That same class that just won the Championship seemed to have the talent all along but one or two things were always missing. The biggest of those things was the experience in the womens game it takes to produce when everything is on the line. We had 5 seniors leading us last year who each refused to let this team fail. WHY? Because each one of them had been through their own failures in the past 3 years. Each year ending in unique ways but all ending short of the goal.

    For those few fans who claim to as they put it in other post - understand the softball game - well, if they truly do they would be the first to realize just about every team that makes it to OKC for the WCWS is full of Jr's and Sr's who have been through it already and now are ready to lead their teams. I can't off hand remember one team who succeeded with so many new starters and so many young players. Is that an excuse? No, in sport were taught to never look at excuses. But it is a FACT no matter how we want to sugar coat it.

    The bottom line is not one of us who talk good about this years team thinks this year has been a success. It hasn't to date. But equally I would say each one of us realized (early on) - even when things were going perfectly for the girls vs completely inferior competition (those early teams we played that seemed to make so many so so fans think OK were just as good this year too) that this year was nothing like last and the struggles young teams must go through, New Teams must go through hasn't even started yet. But to a person we all were also hoping that the talent might just overcome some of those struggles teams must go through. To date, it hasn't been so but you can bet each girl on this team will be better in years to come for everything they did go through this season. AND, its not over yet.

  • If there is a positive to losing 2/3 to Kentucky it's that we've moved up one spot in the RPI to 6th. That bodes well for hosting both a regional and super regional.

  • Theta

    We're a lock to host a regional but I think we need to win 2 in the SECT to get a super. Finishing 8th in the SEC doesn't warrant a super regional. Here's my top 8 seeds going into the tournament.

    Arizona State

    I think Alabama is probably sitting at 9th or 10th right now. Who knows though, a win over A&M might be enough to push into the final national seed spot.

    It's interesting though, the Pac-12 is slowly but surely falling back to the pack nationally. May only see 4 teams from there host a regional and only 1 being a national seed. It will also be interesting to see if they give South Alabama a regional. You have to think if Alabama isn't a national seed then South may not get a regional host spot despite what will likely be a 44-7 record with a possibly top 15 RPI.

    Twitter: @ProducerAP

  • Well said netny!

    I'm proud of you!

    Our national seeding would be helped greatly if we could beat aTm and the gators!

    Roll Tide Ladies!

    This post was edited by grgolson 11 months ago

  • I completely agree with you. If we beat A&M Wednesday I think we are top 8. If we don't I feel like we may fall to 10. The thing that helps us a lot is that our losses have been to teams with a high RPI. We don't have any losses outside the top 50 which is great for us. Kentucky is sitting at 8 right now, but I doubt they stay there. I really hope South AL gets to host because they really deserve it. Also, teams around us in the standings have losses as well. Honestly, I would a ton better if we could win Wednesday and Thursday. That would be 2 top 15 RPI wins in a row.