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Analysis of Alabama's first five drives by ND fan. Interesting..


    I'm going to do all their drives for the first half, but I thought I'd go ahead and put this up.

    22:40 – 1st & 10 – Designed cutback zone left – gain of 1

    I didn’t catch this when watching. This play starts as a simple inside zone right, but at the last second McCarron pivots and hands the ball on a designed cutback to the left. Everyone on defense does their job. No one gives ground and everyone is in good position. However, you can see the beginnings of what will hurt us later. Nix gets great push but is way upfield and simply gets turned away from the play. There is a lot of open space between defenders.

    Good scheme. Good execution.

    23:20 – 2 & 9 – Play Action Pass – gain of 30

    Everyone bites on the play action, included the CB #2. His eyes are in the backfield and he’s caught flat-footed. The receiver quickly gets behind him and the Safety can’t make it over in time to defend the post-corner. If the ball actually had been handed off, we were in great position. Shembo spills the trap action and the LB flows across ready to make a play.
    Good scheme. Poor execution by CB #2. Great call and execution by Bama.

    24:00 – 1 & 10 – Inside zone left – gain of 11

    Play side DE #89 gets off the ball well and begins to string the play out. He sheds his block to bite inside too soon, allowing a seam to the outside. But #17 had filled and was in a position to make a tackle for a 2yd gain. He missed badly. LB #5 fills quickly and gets walled, but he had no choice. He can’t scrape across the top and risk the cutback. Bama’s LG and LT do a great job sealing off flow from the backside.

    Good sceme. Poor execution by S #17. Good, but not “dominating” blocks by Bama.

    25:50 – 1 & 5 (offsides penalty) – Inside zone left – gain of 2

    Defense shows a classic 4-3 look with the OLB #13 walked up on the line. The is the first time we’ve played one-gap defense. Bama tries the same zone they’ve run several times and it’s stuffed. Their line got zero push. DT #91 gets too far upfield coming from the back side, or he had a chance at a TFL. DE #7 owns the playside OT. OLB #13 does a great job taking on his block and keeping the play inside.

    Great scheme. Great execution.

    26:40 – 2 & 3 – Inside zone left w/ fake counter action – gain of 20, TD

    This is simply a brilliant play design. It’s the exact same play they’ve run 4x. In fact, it’s the only running play they used on this drive. But they fake counter action back to the right with an H back. Te’o bites on the counter action, which delays him just long enough to prevent him from getting back in position to make a tackle. Te'o is supposed to have scrape to this gap on a run away from him, but technically, this is playside DE #55’s play to make. He starts lined up in a 5-tech, outside the OT. On the snap, he slants hard inside. When he does so, he meets the zone block of the LG. The rule in that scenario is to cross face to the inside. He fails to do that, bails on his slant technique, and gets walled outside. This puts playside LB #49 in an impossible spot. Because he’s expecting the DE to slant inside, he now has C gap responsibility. Indeed, he does his job and scrapes outside. But because DE #55 did not make it inside, we now have no A-gap defender. If DE #55 had done his job, the ball would have bounced to a waiting LB #49. Even then, if not for the counter fake, Te’o would have easily filled that gap and made the tackle.

    Good scheme. Poor execution by DE #55. Great play design and execution by Bama.

    2nd Drive:;pid=2565;d=this

    34:15 – 1 & 10 – Inside zone left – gain of 3

    Playside DE #91 does a great job fighting the OT and coming off inside to make a play. NT #9 and both ILB do a great job taking on blocks and get in on the play. This is how it should look when stopping a zone run out of a base 3-4 look.

    Good scheme. Good execution.

    34:45 – 2 & 7 – Screen pass left – gain of 6

    Only NT #9 and LB # 5 read and react to screen. This is LB #5’s play to make, and he misses what would have been a tackle for no gain. CB #6 does a good job recognizing screen and turning around to take on an OL. NT #9 makes a great hustle play.

    Good scheme. Poor execution by LB #5.

    35:30 – 3 & 1 – Zone left (surprise!) – Gain of 5

    We are in a “Bear” front: a 0-tech (head up NT), two 3-techs (outside shoulder of OG’s), and two 5-techs (who happen to be standing up in this look). This is a run-stopping defense.
    Bama wins at the point of attack with a great downblock on playside DE #55. He gets knocked 5 yards out of the play. To make matters worse, playside DT #89 inexplicably chooses to go inside the block of the OG. This is a fatal mistake in a bear front. Playside LB #44 does a poor job taking on the down block of the TE. Playside CB #6 does his best to take on a block and fight off to make a play.

    This is the first time all game Alabama has looked physically superior. This alone can be the difference between ND and a NC caliber team. Alabama can line up and gain 1 or 2 yards at will to continue a drive.

    Ok scheme (Bear front susceptible to a weak edge). Poor execution by playside DE #55, DT #89, and LB #44. All three get blocked badly.

    36:15 – 1 & 10 – Play Action Pass – Incomplete

    Bama QB finds and open receiver, but Motta has good enough coverage to make a big hit and force the ball out. No pass rush, perhaps because of the run fake.

    Good scheme. Good execution.

    37:00 – 2 & 10 – pitch sweep – gain of 5

    Playside DE/OLB #11 bites hard inside on the snap, despite the TE stepping toward him. We lose the edge immediately. Bama pulls the front side guard as well, adding to the mismatch. If #11 had strung this play out as he should, there was plenty of flow from the back side to help.

    Good scheme. Poor execution by DE #11.

    37:40 – 3 & 5 – quick in pass – gain of 7

    Simply great design and execution by Bama. They get an athlete in space on #22, he runs a sharp route, and the ball is delivered on time and with perfect placement. No pass rush, but the ball was delivered quickly anyway. This is the kind of high-percentage pass we don’t see much of in our offense.

    Average scheme (soft approach). Average execution. (no one made a mistake, but no one made a play, either.)

    38:20 – 1 & 10 – zone left – gain of 5

    Good initially at point of attack, but DE #11 makes the critical mistake of peeking inside as the RB approaches the line. He must then give up several yards of ground in order to reestablish contain and make the tackle. But it probably didn’t matter, because playside DT #91 doesn’t fight across a downblock from the OT and gets walled off completely. LB #49 appears to be lined up out of position. When we shift out of our bear front, he should “plus” over to the strong side by one man. As it stands, at the snap we are heavily overloading the weak side of the formation. This was either poor scheme or misalignment by #49. If he is one man over, he’s in a perfect position to fill on the play. Instead, he fills too far behind.

    Good scheme. Misalignment by LB #49.

    39:08 – 2 & 5 – slip screen – gain of 4

    We only rush 3, which is why we’re in a good position to make a play here. OLB #11 and LB #49 both recognize the play quickly and do a good job of getting by blocks to make the tackle. DE #91 also recognizes and retreats to be in a position to help. Safety #17 fills quickly and keeps the receiver from lunging for a 1st down. This is now the third 3rd down the defense has forced on this series.

    39:45 – 3 & 1 – zone right w/ designed cutback – gain of lots

    The OL shows zone right action, but again, the QB pivots and hands off a designed cutback to the left. Diaco has the perfect call on, with LB #44 and S #17 blitzing the backside A and B gaps. S #17 is in a perfect position to make a tackle for a 3 yard loss and end the drive, but he whiffs badly. At the second level, LB #5 cannot get off the block of the LG and S #41 takes a horrible angle and lunges at the RB. This is another big run by Bama that is anything but physical domination. I don’t chalk it up to any extraordinary effort by the RB either.

    Great scheme. Poor execution by S #17.

    40:25 – 1 & goal – Play Action pass – TD

    Saban is in Diaco's and Te’o’s heads. The ball is on the 3 and we have every gap covered. There is no reason for Te’o to commit so hard.
    Good scheme. Poor execution by LB #5.

    To not make this super long here are the links to the rest.

    3rd Drive:;pid=2564;d=this

    4th Drive:;pid=2572;d=this

    5th Drive:;pid=2574;d=this

  • Only minor butthurt. The author seems to use the word whiff a lot and didn't give much credit to our physical presence. Good read though.

  • I like his attempt at analysis, and he obviously knows what he's talking about as far as schemes, placement, and responsibilities, but there's some blatant homerism in his analysis. Many times, he says the defender doesn't properly fight across the block, or some other lame excuse. Never occurs to him that maybe, just maybe, they COULDN'T fight across the block. He's quick to point out that they weren't dominated, yet, they never slowed us down. I guess we were just lucky.banghead

  • I'm so confused after reading this. So are we on steroids, or not? This guy says we only dominated two or three plays. Other golden dumbers, maintain our dominance was through steroids. Just wish their fan base would pick a whiny ass excuse and stick to it...

    That being said it was an interesting read from a technical standpoint

  • BB2One

    Great example of why we keep score in games. You can analyze anything and put your own spin on it. That's sport at its core. When we love something, we find any and every way to make an excuse for it possible. But, the one thing you can not no matter how much you try is spin the score.

    Score is score no matter what.

  • BB2One

    Ding ding ding ding ding.....

    Only LOSERS - loser in a game or the loser in anything - has to make an excuse. Winners, don't!

  • According to him, Barrett got destroyed by Nix for much of those 5 drives. I don't remember thinking that was the case.

  • This is not the game I saw. Domers were getting pounded on my TV!

  • This guy appears to know a lot about football, but he leaves out the entire goal and approach of zone blocking. Often times in a zone scheme, you dont try to blow the defender off the ball, you let HIM take HIMSELF out of the play with his pursuit.

    We didnt dominate them, we just gained 8-10 yds per play on just about every drive... and any time 2-3 yds was needed we lined up and ran it right at them.. but clearly we didnt dominate!

  • I like this one:

    "55:40 – 2 & goal – Iso right – TD

    We are in goal line alignment, which covers every gap except the playside B gap. Bama, shockingly, runs it to the playside B gap. They have a lineman #54 lined up at FB, and he is the lead blocker. LB #5 does a poor job taking on this block. There is no finesse on the GL. This block has to be taken head on. Instead, #5 takes it on with his outside shoulder, falling harmlessly off to the inside. This allows the lead blocker to get a second block on LB #44, whom he pancakes. This play was really the only run call to make against the alignment of our D. This is the classic “our guys our tougher than your guys” call. They were right on this play. I have sympathy for our D, because they’d been out there the entire 1st quarter. But we needed our best defender to step up and make a big hit.

    Good scheme. Poor execution by LB #5. "

    Oh so youe mean Teo couldn't block Jesse Freaking Williams coming at him with a head of steam? Well obviously he would have just destroyed jesse had he used proper technique here.


  • ND had 8 & 9 in the box alot and ran blitzed a ton . The run blitz was 95% of their having people in our backfield during run plays. Even then they ran blitzed into the wrong gaps or whiffed on tackles.

    This post was edited by blount4bama 18 months ago

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  • This.... the Zone blocking scheme is not always about driving the defensive lineman in front of you 10 yards down the field. Barrett was able to execute this perfectly and use Nix's momentum to our advantage.

  • Jlee05

    thats fantastic stuff right there. the guy is a ND fan, so his analysis coming from an ND angle and with some ND homerism doesn't bother me one bit. the breakdown on each play, where he credited each Bama blocker, was very enjoyable. Also reveals how consistent Bama was on every play......meaning, we were taking chunks away from their defense on every play (something we failed to do in the TAMU game this year, where we relied on the big play. not to get off base, but our offensive gameplan failed us in that game, and i don't expect that to happen in '13)

    This post was edited by Jlee05 18 months ago

  • Waste of my life reading. losers are going to be losers.

  • VegasTide

    My analysis:
    Ball was kicked off. Game over.

    This post was edited by VegasTide 18 months ago

  • His covering for "linebacker #5" on the first drive had me weary of reading further. Then II stopped reading when he posted "this is the first time Bama looked physically superior."

  • Exactly. Boils down to blah, blah, blah.

  • Favorite Quotes by this ND Homer:

    - "Bama QB finds and open receiver, but Motta has good enough coverage to make a big hit and force the ball out. No pass rush, perhaps because of the run fake.
    Good scheme. Good execution."
    *** Shinn was open and AJ had all day to throw the ball. If AJ is a split second quicker then it is a 25 yard gain. How is this good scheme and good execution with no pass rush??

    - "After 4 series and down 21 - 0, I've seen Alabama look physically dominant on 2 or 3 plays at the most. I continue to be most impressed by their gameplan and execution."
    *** Executing blocks with all 9 other players besides QB & RB leads to successful plays. Our center blocked your DT by himself all night and the rest of the line made all their blocks the entire night. Because we don't pancake your DT or DEs does not mean we did not dominate the game. How do 2 running backs have over 100 yards rushing and a QB throw for 4 TDs without being touched not equal a dominant performance?

    - "Herbstreit hits the nail on the head in his analysis after this play. Lacy is a great back, but he didn’t make many great plays in this game. Motta and Te’o played horribly. Motta especially goes into every tackle looking like he’s expecting to get beat. His head was not in the right place during this game."
    *** Herbstreit did not mention anything about Lacy not making any great plays in the game. When a RB is throwing your LBs & DBs to the ground, running them over and juking your entire defense with a spin move those are great plays. Motta and Te'o got tired of getting spanked on almost every down and we made their asses quit.

    I am really not sure why this guy wasted his time writing this article. It would be interesting to see his write up on the PITT game. Louis-Nix was not pancaked 1 time by Barrett Jones and he did get some penetration a few times during the game. This is great and if you feel that this feat means your team was not dominated then hats off to you. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that Barrett took care of Nix one-on-one the entire game with no help from either guard, on a foot w/ torn ligaments and a guy that outweighed him by 40 lbs all at 75% healthy. Why does he not take a look at what Chance, DJ, Steen, M Williams, Cyrus, K. Johnson or Volger did the entire night on the rest of the ND defenders.

    According to 95% of his post ND's scheme was good or great. I would actually agree with this part b/c ND had 8/9 guys in the box quite a few times when we had rushing plays. Funny thing is that we still ran right at ND and they never stopped us. We averaged 6 yards per carry for the game. The 2 drives in which we punted ND did not stop BAMA we stopped ourself with 2 questionable holding penalties.

    BAMA was stronger, better coached, better prepared, faster, smarter, and the game could have been much worse. Why can't the ND folks just accept that you were spanked and had no business being in the game. They want to have a trophy for Louis-Nix b/c an injured Barrett Jones did not pancake him every play and had 5 tackles then go for it.

    If you want to look at more areas you lost the game try your O-Line who managed only 1.7 per carry. Also, this was against a defense that did not need to stack the line with 8 or 9 guys in the box to stop ND. Or you could reach out to coach Kelly to ask him why he thought it was a good idea to throw 9 times at a 1st team AA corner? Would you consider this a great scheme with mediocre execution? What about attempting 3 rushes the entire first half after running the ball is what got you into the NC game? Putting pressure on BAMA's QB after he torched you in the 1st half without even being touched.

    The list can go on. It is really sad to read the pathetic work this ND writer put together. It is almost as if he is saying that the national media said that they dominated the trenches, but I am going to prove them wrong. By picking out which matchups he wants on each play and then stating ND had a great scheme called with great execution but gave up a 12 yard pass play makes the guy sound like an AUBURN fan. 10 years from now he will still be analyzing each matchup and trying to figure out how ND lost.

  • JefMorris

    Good scheme. Poor execution. Lol

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    Combat Search and Rescue.... "that others may live".

  • How many times does he say "poor execution"? If there is poor execution on every other play, it usually means you are out manned. Bottom line, our athletes are better than yours. Their TE and Tuitt would be the only 2 who would start for Bama.

  • Yeah, since there was nothing special about Bama's physicality or their RBs' skill, I wonder why ND had so much success on defense against other teams. I wonder why they didn't fail to 'shed bkocks', 'seal the edge', or 'whiff' on tackles against other opponents. They probably just had a bad game.

    The state is the great fictitious entity by which every man believes he can live at the expense of every other. - Frédéric Bastiat

  • He forgot the part about:

    Saban teaches offensive guru Kelly a lesson about offensive and defensive football. Great schemes, great execution all game by Bama.

  • He's trying to find a cure for this....

  • foteen

    42 points and 528 yards of offfense. The most points ND gave up all seasons was 26, Bama had 28 at half. ND didnt give up an 80 +yard td drive all season. Bama had 4 td drives of 80 + yards. Analyze that!

    This post was edited by foteen 18 months ago

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