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Anyone remember 1st Bball game of the year?

  • Against South Dakota State. We won by 3 and it looks to be a good win even though I never heard of SDSU before (G). What still hurts is the unreal performance against *U. The resume we were building with some momentum was shot down almost immediately. A strong finish (and a must win against UF) is not impossible. We saw how much UF struggled against a pressing team like ARK. Not saying we will do this, just pointing out that all is not lost yet. Instead of laying dead with a lot of basketball left, I choose to see whats left in front of us and go with that. Thats the beauty of college basketball, any team can catch fire and sneak in late season run. I watch a ton of b-ball and by looking at our games played with an unbiased eye, this is a super weak team with a decent defense. Dont get wrong, I haven't seen this team play a complete game yet this year (which is sad), but I gotta think theres a run somewhere in them to cap off the year with considering they haven't shown it yet. Again, not predicting anything, just saying there is still a chance in this league for run. Two chances, finish the season off OR run the table in the SECT. Being optimistic (after that *U game) is like being constipated for 72 hours. It aint my style, but knowing what can happen in b-ball, you still gotta leave that door open. And fans do too. Hard to do I know guys! But sulking isn't as much fun as supporting.
    For the record, all the critics bashing CAG is actually warranted. The offensive bball and rebounding has been the worst I ever seen it at UA. But lets just see how it plays out first. Small request, a tough one I know but whatever it turns out to be, at least we kept an open mind to finish the season with support.
    Toughest post I ever made..(G)

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    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

  • We need LSU, Georgia, Tennessee and Dayton to get back inside that top 100 RPI. Georgia is still a longshot, but the other 3 can do it. A win over Ole Miss is almost a must at this point and we can't lose to USCE or MSU. I think we have to go 3-1 against LSU and Georgia at worst, unless we pull a shocker against Florida(.01 % chance).