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Bama and the 3 pt shot

  • I really think this team should be taking 15-20 3 pt shots a game. We pass up so many open shots early in the shot clock and then end up trying to create something before it expires. I almost guarantee you that 2-3 of our 3 pt shots in each game come in desperation mode against the shot clock. Last night, we were 3-11. I can remember at least 3 maybe 4 coming in the last 5 sec of the shot clock. I figure the coaches think that part of the reason why we are a better 3 pt shooting team this year is because we are selective but when you are throwing up 2-3 shots a game in desperation, that is not a good shot. They need to realize that our guys have improved as shooters. They are shooting the ball better this year. I believe they would shoot just as good if we were taking more 3's because they would be more comfortable. This would be a good weapon for us and also improve the flow of the game. Not to mention it is a more exciting brand of basketball to watch. Here are some interesting stats in SEC play only.

    We are 2nd in the league in 3 pt shooting % at 38.7%(36-93). Florida is #1 at 43.1%(69-160). We have taken the least amount of 3 pt shots in conference play at 93 and Florida has taken the most at 160.

    1. Florida 7 69 160 .431
    2. Alabama 7 36 93 .387
    3. Georgia 7 38 105 .362
    4. Vanderbilt 7 54 157 .344
    5. Ole Miss 7 44 132 .333
    6. Kentucky 7 35 108 .324
    7. Missouri 7 49 152 .322
    8. Texas A&M 7 32 101 .317
    9. Mississippi State 7 35 112 .313
    10. LSU 7 48 155 .310
    11. Auburn 7 44 143 .308
    12. South Carolina 7 37 122 .303
    13. Tennessee 7 31 105 .295
    14. Arkansas 7 33 138 .239

    I would venture to say that out of the 93 shots we have taken from 3, at least 20 were in the last 10 sec. of the shot clock. My point is, this staff has decided that the best way for this team to win is with defense. Our scoring margin right now is 61.7 to 58.0. Right now, our average 3 pt makes and attempts per game is 5.1 for 13.3 on 3's. You take away the desperation 3's and it is prob. more like 5.1 for 11.3 a game. If we just took 6 more good, rhythm 3's a game and make 2 of them, you are looking at maybe going 7-17 a game, which is around 41%. This increases your scoring average to a little more than 67 pts. Could we really not play good enough defense to still keep teams scoring around 60 pts a game even if we take an extra few 3 pt shots a game.

    I just think that this year, 3 pt shooting is a strength and we pass up a lot of open looks early in the shot clock to only end up with a hurried shot at the end of the possession.

    Yes, I had a little extra time at work sorry for all of the stats. I may be totally off base but if I wasn't a Bama fan there is no way I could watch us play basketball. It is very frustrating and almost boring to watch the way we play.

    I am heading to Nashville Sat as I have for most of our games up there over the last 20 yrs. I still remember Jim Burr throwing McDyess out of a game up there. We never get any breaks. I just hope we play good enough to win.

  • bamaku

    There is no offensive pace. Hard to shoot in rhythm that way. Just a basic motion offense to get some movement appears to me to be better than what is going on. Take that defensive mentality to the offensive side of a ball in my humble opinion would help. Coaching myself and spending more time on defense during practice I canI see how you get yourself in this spot.

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