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Basketball and The NCAA Tourney

  • I look at our season like this....we are 12-7 and have few bright spots relative to the Tourney. We're in the mix in RPI (50s). So...we need to win 8 of our next 9 and they beat either Florida or Ole Miss on the road to be in the real mix. They beat Georgia. That would put us at 14-4....22-9.

    Having said that...I think it's more likely we drop 2 we shouldn't (2 of the next 9) and win one of the two we shouldn't (end of year) for 13-5, 21-10 at BEST. More likely is 12-6 or11-7 and NIT.


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  • Well for starters we are actually in the 60's RPI right now. Unless Kentucky or Villanova win some games we won't have any top 50 RPI wins unless we beat Ole Miss. Right now we don't have a game against a top 100 RPI team until we play Florida, Arkansas is right at 100 today. That is our biggest issue, we don't have any wins to hang our hat on and we don't have many opportunties to get one.

    Wins in the games leading up to Florida and Ole Miss won't help us as much as a loss would hurt us. We really need LSU to pick up some wins, because we play them twice, and get closer to that 100 number than the 120+ they stand right now.

    I am afraid 7 or 8 wins in the next 9 would get offset by the 1 or 2 losses RPI wise. That would most likely have us sitting at 2nd place in the league though. It is going to be interesting the rest of the way if we can put together a good run.

    One thing in our favor is our SOS numbers. It is about half of what our RPI is right now.