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CFB - Post Your Picks - Week 10 Lines

  • West Virginia
    ok st

  • darryl67: Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Oregon, South Florida, Vanderbilt
    clayton4rtr: Michigan State, Ohio State, Bama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Baylor, Cincinnati
    Bama2212: Washington, Wake Forest, Miami, Florida, USC, Arizona, Arkansas
    meat: Michigan State Under, Bama, Baylor, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Oklahoma Over
    nswalton15: Michigan, Oklahoma Over, Wisconsin, Stanford, Houston, Oklahoma State
    rolltide1219: West Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Baylor, Notre Dame
    acal85: Ohio, Ohio Under, Bama, USC Under, Kent State, Texas, South Carolina
    bamadarren: Bama, Houston, Ohio State, Arkansas, FSU, Southern Miss, Oregon
    mdc1985: Bama, Oregon, Houston, Michigan, Troy, Indiana, Arkansas
    Onelite: USC, Houston, Oklahoma, Air Force, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Tulsa
    Macdaddy7930: FSU, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Stanford, Arizona State, San Diego State
    Tarkovskyfan: Michigan, Bama, Miami, Oregon, Notre Dame, USC, Missouri
    BamaFanatic: TCU, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Stanford
    bam58: Toledo Over, Ohio Under, Bama, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Duke
    TideD1: FSU, Kentucky, South Florida, Arizona, Baylor, FIU, Bama
    wesleypotter: Akron, Bama, TCU, Louisville, TCU Over, Michigan Under
    Aaron29: FSU, USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Virginia, Ole Miss, Bama
    3 Amigos: FSU Over, Iowa, Navy, Wisconsin, Houston, Arizona State
    jimtom27486: USC, USC Over, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Bama
    pcbama: Michigan, Ole Miss, Houston, Bama, Navy, Oklahoma State, Cal
    Waterboy: Michigan, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Tennessee
    prattvegas: Arkansas, Ole Miss, FIU, Bama
    Cunni035: Arkansas, Bama, Wisconsin, Michigan State
    nickolas837: Michigan, Texas, Vanderbilt, Houston, Oklahoma State, Oregon
    dbrouse: Ole Miss, Arkansas, FSU, TCU
    FLOBama: Florida, Stanford, Navy, Arkansas, Bama, Boise State
    travious3: Colorado, Houston, Oregon State, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Miami
    chadams69: USC, TCU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Boise State, South Carolina
    TiderinB'ham: Bama, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, South Carolina, Vanderbilt
    redline4: Bama, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Baylor
    roll_for_14: Missouri, Michigan, Oklahoma, Miami, Southern Miss, Texas Tech, Arizona
    Fogtown: Iowa, South Carolina, Houston, Vanderbilt, LSU, Minnesota
    elder008: Bama Over, Ole Miss, Oregon State, South Carolina, Oklahoma, UNLV, Kansas State
    Leetider: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Purdue, North Carolina
    CrimsonTideAnt: Stanford, Houston, Tennessee, Bama, Virginia, Washington, Arkansas
    jspann2810: West Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Arkansas

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  • bama58 said... (original post)

    ** NIU/Toledo OVER 67.5 (Winner) Temple/Ohio UNDER 47.5 (Loser) Alabama -5 Arkansas -5 Vanderbilt +13 Northwestern +17.5 East Carolina +8.5

    Looks like another frustrating 4 & 3 week for me. That Williams call cost me 5 & 2!!!