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Congrats to Gottfried...

  • Look, I don't have one clue what happened with Ron Steele and his knees. Having said that just because a medical staff clears him does a coach have final say over if he plays or not? Medically, I might know someone is "cleared" to play. Morally and intellectually if the kid is telling me he is in legitimate, serious pain I sit him anyway. Ron Steele doesn't strike me as a kid to fabricate the pain or embellish.

    For example, I played minor league baseball with the Philadelphia Phillies. One year I had minor pain in my elbow, I lost extension and it just felt really tight. My velocity dropped from 90-94 range to 84-88. I went to the local team doctor. He examined me and did X rays yaddy ya. His diagnosis was bones spurs. Simple enough. Take a cortisone shot and as long as I could handle the pain I could finish the season and have suregery after because with bone spurs there is no further damage I could do to the elbow.

    First start back after the cortisone shot I pitched fine but was asked after I came out how I felt. I was honest and said it felt better but there was still a little pain. The manager shut me down on the spot for the rest of the season. I was asked who I wanted to perform the surgery? I said well since I am 90 miles from Healthsouth I'll go to Dr Andrews. Long story short he does his own evaluation and determines I don't have bone spurs but a partially torn Ulnar Collateral Ligament in my elbow. It did not need surgery at that point and i was able to rehab it. If my manager hadn't shut me down there is no doubt in my mind it tears completely before the end of the season and I have tommy John surgery. that's a 12-18 month rehab. The manager's prompt, intelligent decision saved my ass a lot of pain in the short and long term.

    I obviously didn't make it but I am forever grateful to him. So pardon me but just because the docs clear a player doesn't relieve CMG of his responsibility to the player. I'm not saying it's his faul but being medically cleared to play hardly relieves him of the responsibility.

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  • It's the former player effect. Somehow the fact someone played here and did reasonably well as a player clouds 99% of this board's ability to logically, intelligently, judge the same former player's tenure as a head coach.

    I don't have a huge issue with CMG. Having said that I don't think he is about to dominate the ACC at NCSU because nothing in his past tells me he will. However, there is a certain segment of the board that thinks just because you don't prop them up as something they weren't that you can't give credit or you want to disparage them in some way.

    This effect is much stronger with CMS.

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  • Lazy in this case is a relative term. The guy getting paid 7 figures is expected to do things the guy getting paid 60K isn't ...would you agree? He didn't get the job done. that isn't hating that is fact. Same with Shula...that guy was awful as the HC...plain and simple. He didn't know who top recruits in mobile were by the recruits account of events.Yet people wonder why he doesn't get a pass from me on the job he did as coach. Sanctions or not that guy was AWFUL. lol.

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  • Maybe it was a conspiracy because Dr. Andrews is actually the team physician for Auburn and not the good guys.

    Dr. Andrews does surgeries on our players, but he isn't our team physician. So, maybe he is secretly trying to ruin our players' physical health?! stir

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