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  • twelch3 said... (original post)

    First of all...Long time listener, first time caller, great to be on the board. Curious to get outsiders' opinion on this. I saw a posting on the Ticket Exchange from a user (lets call him bamajames10) with two lower level plaza tickets for $3500. Looked like a good deal and I would much rather deal with someone on here than a broker, so I sent an email saying I'd take the tickets. He replied "The tickets are yours, call me tomorrow to arrange payment and delivery." We spoke the next day, had a nice conversation and he asked me to pay via paypal that night. Side note: during the conversation he told me he reserved between 12-15 tickets before the year, and these were his last two tickets. After paying for his family's trip he cleared probably $10k (good for him, I dont think there is anyone on this board who isn't kicking themselves for not doing this, I just bring it up to kill the "he might just be trying to feed the family" argument). Anyway...I got an email later that day saying that he also had the tickets on ebay after I agreed to buy them, and they had sold for a higher price so the deal was off. I was understandably pissed, so I called him and emailed and got no response. All I really wanted to do was let him know I was pissed and throw in a few "your word is your bond" jabs, then move on with my life and look for tickets elsewhere. But I can't stand letting people getting away with things like this without having to face the music at all (bothers me way more than it should). To make a really long story a little shorter, one of the tickets was for a buddy of mine who is a practicing attorney in Bham (also teaches at a law school in bham), and our buddy bamajames10 had a legally binding contract to sell those tickets to me. My buddy (the lawyer) let him know that if he did not return my calls, we would handle this through the legal system. He has lots of students who need any type of legal experience, so we actually would. Anyway...I realize that I'm blowing this way out of proportion, but do I at least have a reason to be pissed? I'd just like to add that I'm very pro-capitalism and have no issue with the price of the tickets, just that he pulled that crap after we had a deal. Thoughts?

    *UPDATE: Our man has seen this thread and I just got an email from him that said he has retained an attorney that will contact me on Monday. I guess thats how we're handling it then. See you boys in NOLA (no word on where I'm sitting yet). Also, if we close with Yeldon, Taylor, JW, Dixon, Collins, and Goldman I'll buy bamajames10 dinner at the restaurant of his choice in New Orleans. RTR

    just drop it and move on - i learned a long time ago that if you try to fight
    every tiny battle you would never get anthing done - i bet i have had stuff
    like that happen to me a dozen times

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  • ecp3

    Specific performance with regards to a contract would force the seller to sell to the OP, provided the agreement was made before the eBay auction ended. If the eBay auction ended first, that inherently means that a contract was executed as well. Whoever entered the contract second is SOL, because at that point, their became no legal consideration, since the consideration went to the first contract.

    You can sue him to force him to sell them to you, but it would take a MOUNTAIN of discovery via eBay, phone records, and email time stamps.

    Good luck.

  • twelch3 said... (original post)

    i bought tix from bamajames on the ticket exchange board and he has been very helpful to me and gave them to me at a fair price. quit your whining, there are plenty more tix out there to buy!!! i was told he asked you for a paypal payment and you didnt know how to use paypal, etc. and that you were in colorado. i think he was right to move on. seems like you were being somewhat sketchy if you ask me. if you want to sue someone, go sue a booger eater.

    Hah! good strategy getting a character witness...and thats not true (well i do live in Colorado if that makes me sketchy). Once its resolved I'll let you see the email where he asked me not to pay until he could set it up so he could avoid the fees. But it will all work out, I wouldnt let it ruin your weekend.