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Does player attrition to the NFL actually HELP us?

  • At face value, it would be absurd to think a team would actually get better by losing its best players early, but hear me out.

    I was thinking after last week's announcements from Fluker, Lacy and Milliner - when a program ingests as much talent each year as we do, does it actually play to a mental benefit for newer guys to get a chance sooner?

    Our younger players know each year that there is a legitimate chance they'll have more of a workload if the players in front of them leave early, and it keeps the players we have on the field hungry. There's little complacency in the way of wanting to earn another national title because such a critical mass of players with rings leaves every couple of years or so. We're constantly cycling in guys who feel like they have something to prove. There's no hangover.

    Take RB for instance - the only year we haven't cycled in a new starter since 2008 also happens to be the year we underperformed - 2010.

    2008 - Coffee
    2009 - Ingram (Coffee left early)
    2010 - Ingram and Richardson both return - underperformed
    2011 - Richardson as premiere back (Ingram left early)
    2012 - Lacy (Richardson left early)
    2013 - Yeldon/Henry/etc. (Lacy left early)

    Has there ever been a program have this many starting RBs leave early in this amount of time without much noticeable drop-off? I really think it has to do with the combination of talent plus a lack of entitlement. As CNS said last week - this team hasn't accomplished anything. They're 0-0. Reload.

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  • BB2One

    The biggest advantage guys going to the NFL have is in Future Recruiting. Obviously. Top players simply want to go where they can win and where they can maximize their positioning for the NFL. Who does this better right now than ALABAMA?


    Yeldon/Cooper help a lot by showing no matter your age, best players get on the field if you work hard enough.

    NFL helps too, cause the ultimate goal for most of the higher ranked HS prospects is to get drafted and after that get drafted as high as possible.

    Churning out NFL 1st round talent can't hurt.

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