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  • Let it hit you from time to time where this program is RIGHT NOW, and don't let the satisfaction of success (or greedy lust for more ) blind you to the fact it's better than we deserve, RIGHT NOW. Bama fans are mocked for our overbearing, outrageous expectations, and we are admired and/or hated right now because a coach and program are giving Alabama what they want.

    The only way I have found I most enjoy it is by just smelling the roses. It seems wise to know that this type of dominance in CFB is an abnormality to humbly enjoy, or you risk never enjoying any of it because who knows what 5-10 years from now holds? Look at 10 years AGO!

    I'm not Debbie downer, nor do I really think what I have to say is all that important to any one. But I read enough threads on here, full of a stress that reveals you can't be enjoying this time like you should.

    My anxious fretting over prospects and players has yet to bear a difference for the program. I havent got a call from Saban saying, "Just keep praying he comes to Bama" so I'm assuming I don't have the magical powers that some of us on this board wish/think we have.

    I still can't really wrap my head around what happened in New Orleans in Jan. It was a masterpiece of art for this program's era.

    It doesn't seem to be slowing down, so just hang on and savor it.

  • Agreed and unlike 10 years ago, I don't worry about recruiting at ALL. I think Saban and company have proven they know what their doing on every level. Good post.