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Fantasy football draft

  • Got a team in 12 team ppr league w bama bias and think I did a bit better.

    Matt schaub
    Kyle orton
    colt mccoy

    Rashard mendenhall
    Frank Gore
    Reggie Bush
    Mark Ingram

    Roddy White
    Davone bess
    Julio Jones
    Brandon Gibson




    Thoughts? I know fantasy football is supposed to be taboo for message boards, but I've ben drinking and don't care.

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  • scottchap said... (original post)


    Sidney Rice is an interesting receiver you have at 28. He has had some injury issues that I would say lower his value but more so is that Seattle has no QB. Can anyone get the ball to him consistently enough to get him enough points to rank that high?

    I also see that you don't have Plaxico ranked.

    so just to note that this are not my rankings, but come from

    They will update them as needed up until the first game.. Plaxico will probably be ranked after this weekend.

    They use some factors such as statistical history, new QB, new coach, OL strength, team records, offensive approach, etc... to come up with a predicted seasonal stats. Then they lump each player into a statistical tier.

    The way to think about the tier is - any one of the players in that group is just as likely to have the same stats as the next guy. If you have a preference of one over another then pick the guy probably will not matter. BUT they have proven to do an awesome job of putting players in different tiers. Guys in Tier 1 are statistically better than tier 2 etc.... So in the case with Sydney Rice...I would pick Julio, Hines Ward and Maclin before I would pick Rice for a lot of the same reasons you give. They stack them on top of each other in a "ranking" but really it is just a statistic in a distribution that really is close to the guys around him. BUT All of the TIer 1,2,3 guys will typically out perform all of the Tier 4 guys. (Hope that makes sense)

    When I draft I go for all the tier one guys first. I might even pick a tier one TE over a tier 2 WR!! If QB, WR and RB all have tier one players left then I would go for the RB then QB then WR. (but it may depend how many is left in each tier and how long before my next pick). The Huddle has a drafting guide that shows worksheets you can use (I use them!!). It cost a little bit of $$ but I get it back each season in the money I win. :-)

    I taught my 10 yr old son how to draft a couple years ago based on this method and he cleans house. Everyone else is drafting players they know or THINK are good. He is picking by tiers and using it to judge trades and pickups. No research required. We let the folks at the huddle do it. "You want to trade me a Tier 1 player for a Tier 2 - sure!"...."This guy dropped a Tier 2 player and picked up a Tier 3 guy because of the bye week. BOOM pick him up!!". No brainer.... (I don't even have to watch the games)


  • U only need 2 QBs with different bye weeks. I would have picked up another WR or quality RB.

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