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HUH? : Brown spent the past two seasons back at Colorado as

  • scottchap

    He wasn't hired so we didnt get to see how that turned out. Had Nutt replaced saban instead of miles he probably would have been as successful as Leslie.

    Also I think the saban recommended Nutt story has been miss told a few times. I do t think saban told them to hire him. I think the original story was he recommended they consider him or interview him.

    There is a gigantic difference between the two things. One assumes all due diligence is done and this is your man. The other says I think highly of this guy but you need to make sure this guy is what he says he is and can do what we think he can do and fit what we do.

    To the point of brown, word is coach had a long list of candidates and brown stood out. That tells me there is more to the guy than his recent record at Colorado. Fans that analyze him solely based on that are choosing to be ignorant.

    There are very few examples of coach saban having not been thorough. I have to assume at this point this is not one of those times. I'm going to give coach the benefit of the doubt that after an exhaustive search, in depth interview process and detailed analysis our coaching staff believes that coach brown can make us a better football team.

  • It's important to look at someone's entire body of work, not just the previous year. ( this would apply not only to coaching but to any profession)

  • What you're overlooking is CGB's body of work and instead focusing on a small portion to develop a weak argument that this is a bad hire by the best talent evaluator we've ever had. CNS and CGB have a combined 68 years of coaching experience, I think they'll be just fine without our opinions.

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