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Has HCD received his own thread yet?! (and Safety discussion)

  • rikwah

    If LC isn't the starter beside HaHa next year it will be because he is injured. He is by far the best player in our secondary and like Barron, HaHa, Lester and Dre needed a year to learn the system. Don't forget he got to campus in the summer and had an All-SEC three year starter ahead of him. He is the type player that changes a game with his athletic ability alone and everyone in the country will know his name by mid season. By the way, I thought he played as well as anyone the other night. He was a ST freak.

  • Fur_UA

    Next year HaHa is poised to have a huge year. The third year for top level safety talent under Saban is the year they normally break out. Year 1 is spent learning the defense and playing special teams. Year 2 is when they start getting their feet wet and getting the experience. Year 3 is normally when the light comes on. HaHa will be a major talent in his 3rd year under Saban. He showed that ability on Monday. Collins will begin to insert himself into a major role next year. We have a lot of flexibility with that safety spot next year. I think we will see multiple packages with 3 or 4 safeties. It will be fun to watch that play out.

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