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Hate to say it but...

  • bama_fan92 said... (original post)

    Was the coaching perfect? No. Has any coach ever called a perfect game? No. I am amazed (not really) at how all of the coaching experts (read fvcking idiots) on this board interpret poor execution or a great defensive play as poor coaching. AJ's interception? Poor throw. Good play by Claiborne. Maze's interception? Great call - bad throw that he makes 95 times out of a hundred (it was that easy). Aj's long pass to White (I think it was?) in the end zone? 1 inch from being a TD. Great defensive play. Overtime? 1at down - AJ absolutely guns it at Trent from 3 yds away on the inside screen that would have made good yardage if caught. Good call, poor execution. 2nd down - Trent very open on the wheel route but a bad throw by AJ. Good call, poor execution. 12 men on the field? Player's mistake - coach didn't send him in. 3rd down - great coverage, pocket collapsing, AJ doesn't get rid of the ball, sack, now the field goal try is even harder but what choice do you have but try. Probably should have gone for it on 1 or 2 of the FG tries but that is easy to say now. Should have made 1 or 2 more as well. The team was put in position to win this game by multiple scores but got out performed, overall. I can honestly sit back now and be thankful that I don't know any of you "duh, we lost so Saban got way outcoached by Les" retards, because, if I did, It would probably mean that I suck at life as bad as you do. Sorry mods, but this place just has a high concentration of the lowest common denominator and it gets tiring.

    And no, I don't do paragraphs on message boards.

    As for not calling time out? Re-read roll_tide_55's post.

    You can point to specific plays all you want but the play calling was just bizarre. I mean overall, I'm not saying that because of the one Maze wildcat pass.

    Most of the things you listed are clearly execution and not what we're discussing. How do you know the coach didn't send him in? Why would he go in anyway? Was he not properly briefed on his packages?

    Cade is not a good FG kicker. There's a reason we use Shelley. He missed a 44-yard FG and then they asked him to kick a 50-yard one anyway. I agree that the last one was unavoidable but the others weren't. We should have punted or gone for it rather than hand them good field position. Honestly I think they should have called a fake on the one in OT. Cade had missed from 44 and 50, what are the odds he makes 53? Probably a lot lower than the odds that the fake works. Kicking a FG on the first possession of OT is dangerous anyway, but not scoring is a deathblow unless the other team's kicker is Kyle Brotzman.

    However, there is no question that execution was by far the thing that hurt us the most. Aside from Williams getting stripped, there was that dropped perfectly thrown bomb that would have gone for a TD or at least put us in the red zone, and of course Chapman's block in the back. But I want to be able to lay the blame squarely on execution because mistakes by kids playing a game is understandable. When I see ill-advised FGs and questionable play calling, it's difficult to do that.

    This post was edited by macamatic 3 years ago

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