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How is Missouri going to be next year?

  • I know nothing about Missouri's team next year and some guys at work started talking some trash. Luckily Alabama being who they are i told them i'm not worried about Mizzou at all, but i'd like to get a little background. Does anyone have a general knowledge about their team? Maybe even a super early scouting report.

  • Jawa3hc

    Wait.........just so I understand have Mizzou fans, talking trash, about football, to YOU?

  • Reallity is going to be a cruel biotch in the fall.

  • They did it with a smile on their face because they didn't believe their own words and it was just after they signed DGB, but yes. I think the ultimate insult when when i told them i knew nothing about their team, didn't care about their team, and they might as well be Vandy in my mind.

  • My position on other teams talking shit is very simple. You let them, smile at them and say best of luck. We should win, they know it, we know it, and when we do, you just smile and say, good game by your boys, maybe next time. The best way to get to a shit talker is to not fuel their fire.

  • Oh noze.... They signed DGB... WE'RE DOOMED !!!


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  • I'm actually excited to see what Missouri can do. They are returning a ton of players and are in the weaker east. I just don't know if their oline will be able to hold up against all the great dlines. I think they will be dangerous though.

  • I don't know where you get that? Now that LB left the team they return 12 starters which is the lowest in the SEC. They do get back their best options at QB, RB, and WR but they lose a lot of lineman and tons of "production" on D. The D was already terrible and they allowed a lot of 30 and 40 pt games last year.

    I personally think it's going to be very rough year for both Mizzou and A&M in the SEC.

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  • Who is LB?

    And their Defense last year gave up 23 points/game and they did play baylor, OU, & Okie St. who had awfully good offenses. Perhaps, three of the better offenses in college fball last year I'd say.

    They will not return Henry Josey their RB b/c he tore up his knee and probably will never be the same.

    Their QB James Franklin was a true soph from Dallas, TX who in H.S. was compared to a Donavan McNabb type QB. He was on par w/ their last three QB's soph year and all three of them are in the NFL.

    They lost Blaine Gabbert last year as well 49'ers player Aldon Smith who both left early. Those two alone this year would of won them another game or two.

    Also, a few games they had kicker problems as bad or worse if you can believe it and should of beaten ASU and K-State if their kicker didn't forget how to kick all the sudden.

    I have too much time here at the office today so I'll do some searching and see if I can find some more info.

  • This is from Columbia writer Dave Matter........

    The 2011 season is officially history. The NFL draft’s early entry deadline has passed. And the start of spring football is just around the corner. That means the Tigers' 2012 spring roster is all but set in stone.

    Here's how the roster should look barring some unforeseen changes. I've listed returning scholarship players along with a few walk-ons who have earned significant roles. This list does not include 2012 newcomers. Players are listed in order of playing experience or how they fell on the depth chart at the end of the season. Also, a handful of returning players will have undergone offseason surgery and will be limited in spring practices. Returning starters are in bold.

    James Franklin, Jr.
    Corbin Berkstresser, RsFr.
    Ashton Glaser, Jr.
    Quick take: This group will eventually add incoming freshman Maty Mauk, but after accounting for 3,853 yards of offense and 36 touchdowns, the job belongs to Franklin.

    Henry Josey, Jr.
    Kendial Lawrence, Sr.
    Marcus Murphy, Soph.
    Jared Culver, Sr.
    Greg White, Soph.
    Quick take: Josey won't be healthy for spring practices and will likely sit out the entire 2012 season. MU's medical staff does not want to publicly state a timeline for Josey's injury because of its severity, but a 2013 return seems most likely. Lawrence started the final four games of 2011. Murphy is back after undergoing shoulder surgery last summer.

    T.J. Moe, Sr.
    Marcus Lucas, Jr.
    L'Damian Washington, Jr.
    Gahn McGaffie, Sr.
    Bud Sasser, Soph.
    Jimmie Hunt, Soph.
    Rolandis Woodland, Sr.
    Jaleel Clark, Jr.
    Kerwin Stricker, Jr.
    Wesley Leftwich, RsFr.
    Quick take: Lucas and Washington split reps with departed seniors Jerrell Jackson and Wes Kemp. Spring practices would be a good time for Sasser and Hunt to make a strong impression.

    Eric Waters, Jr.
    Quick take: The Tigers might have to adjust their personnel to make up for the shortage of numbers here. In spread formations, the tight end, or Y, is just another slot receiver, which means one of the receivers listed above could play the position in certain packages. Lucas compares favorably to past MU tight ends as far as his size, but Sasser and Hunt have played the slot position in practice the last two years while Lucas has been almost exclusively an outside receiver.

    Elvis Fisher, Sr. (starter 2008-10, status uncertain)
    Justin Britt, Jr.
    Travis Ruth, Sr.
    Jack Meiners, Sr. (started seven games in 2011)
    Mark Hill, Jr.
    Chris Freeman, Soph.
    Mitch Morse, RsFr.
    Taylor Chappell, RsFr.
    Max Copeland, Jr.
    Anthony Gatti, Soph.
    Nick Demien, Soph.
    Michael Boddie, RsFr.
    Connor McGovern, RsFr.
    Brad McNulty, RsFr.
    Quick take: Fisher is still waiting for the NCAA to rule on his eligibility status for 2012. Britt is the only returner who started every game last year, all 13 at left tackle. Ruth was in and out of the lineup with injuries, while Meiners filled in at guard and also plays some tackle. Ultimately, the five best linemen will make up the starting lineup.

    Brad Madison, Sr.
    Michael Sam, Jr.
    Kony Ealy, Soph.
    Brayden Burnett, Jr.
    Matt Hoch, Soph.
    Shane Ray, RsFr.
    Derrion Thomas, Soph

    Sheldon Richardson, Sr.
    Lucas Vincent, Soph.
    Jimmy Burge, Sr.
    Marvin Foster, Jr.
    George White, Sr.
    Quick take: End is certainly deeper and more experienced than tackle. Hoch could move over to tackle to fill out the depth. Richardson started two games last year and was splitting reps evenly with the two departed seniors. By season's end, Vincent was the next D-tackle off the bench and playing the most snaps among the other backup candidates. Thomas is a walk-on but has enough upside to make the cut on this list. Madison and Richardson both underwent recent surgeries and could miss a chunk of spring drills.

    Zaviar Gooden, Sr.
    Andrew Wilson, Jr.
    Will Ebner, Sr. (16 career starts before suffering season-ending injury in 2011)
    Donovan Bonner, Jr.
    Darvin Ruise, Soph.
    Jared Parham, Soph.
    Clarence Green, RsFr.
    Kentrell Brothers, RsFr.
    Brandon Durant, RsFr.
    Quick take: Update, 2 p.m.: The NCAA notified Ebner on Tuesday that he's been approved for a fifth year of eligibility after he suffered a season-ending ankle injury in last year's opener.

    Kenronte Walker, Sr.
    Braylon Webb, Soph.
    Matt White, Jr.
    Daniel Easterly, Soph.
    Tavon Bolden, Jr.
    Cortland Browning, RsFr.
    Ian Simon, RsFr.

    E.J. Gaines, Jr.
    Kip Edwards, Sr.
    Randy Ponder, Jr.
    Robert Steeples, Sr.
    Xavier Smith, Soph.
    Ernest Payton, RsFr.
    David Johnson, RsFr.
    Quick take: Missouri started three different free safeties last season, but Walker started the final four games and seemed to be the most consistent of the bunch. Update, 5 p.m. I initially left Bolden off the list inadvertently. The projected 2011 starter was dismissed from the team in September but reinstated during bowl practices. He was expected to go back on scholarship this month and, provided he keeps up with academics, should figure into the mix, perhaps as a starter.

    Trey Barrow, Sr. (punter, kicker)
    Quick take: Barrow is back to handle the kicking duties, but the Tigers must replace their top long snapper (Beau Brinkley) and holder (Brandon Gerau). Madison and Webb were the backups at those respective positions last year.

    The Tigers have holes to fill at receiver and along the offensive line when spring practices kick off.
  • They'll fit well into the SEC East. I think they'll be alot like UGA. I don't think their defense won't stop anyone. They'll have a good offense though. They get a much better draw than A&M. A&M is gonna run into a buzz saw called the SEC West.

  • Nice find ROLLTIDE. That's pretty much what i was looking for. Thanks.

    I don't see them being a problem for us but they do have a decent team and should finish in the middle of the pack in the east. Maybe comparable to Miss State or UT.

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