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Is the SEC too dominant?

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  • 1tide

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  • Excellent. Competition woll ultimately make all conferences better.

  • Man you use a Tarheel username and you went to Bama. If you are an Alabama fan nothing else matters. Who didn't watch UNC basketball? This is America but, I've got to give you a big, come on man. You've got to be from this new generation.

  • Actually, I have had the same thoughts. Sometimes I really do wish that the Nebraskas, Oklahomas, USCs, Ohio States, and Michigans were relevant again.

  • Me too!

  • Thank's for that enlightening post.

    A ton of things matter besides Alabama football. Family, kids, job, traveling, hobbies, and yes... even other sports teams...both collegiate and professional. What do you say to the people who like the Braves, Saints and Falcons on here? I don't seeing you calling them out. That's "another team," right? But according to you, other teams don't matter because we all went to College at Bama.

    Maybe you're just implying college....

    In that case, what about my 2 college roomates who were trainers for the UA football team for 5+ years. They sacrificed most of their college social life and woke up before 5 6 days a week to go work for the football team they loved since they were a kid. But get this...One is a diehard UNC bball fan (much bigger than me) and one eats, sleeps and breathes Duke basketball. By your logic, I guess we should hang them for treason, right?

    And Regarding North Carolina, I watched Carolina games with my dad ever since I could remember. The days of Eric Montross, George Lynch, Lil' Ed Cota, Carter, Jamison, Zwikker were my favorite. It's not like I jumped on when Roy Williams or Psycho T showed up.

    ....and then you close it out with "come on man"???

    Football Night in America called. They want their cheesy phrase back.

    In closing: Roll Tide, Go Heels, Come on Chelsea, Let's Go Mets, J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. (wow, that's 5 teams I support. I've got issues).

  • zigzag

    Dear tar heel fan,

    First of all, I'm not an SEC fan - never have been. I truly don't give a damn about the rest of the conference. I'm a University of Alabama alumnus - 3rd generation. I've loved the Tide ever since I was a kid.

    Now, to your point about the relative strength of the conference and if it's "hurting college football:" No, it's not. This notion you suggested is analogous to the notion, "is the one brilliant student bad for the entire class because he/she is setting the curve on every single test? The answer is obviously, "no." If anything, that student helps establish and reinforce exactly what every single student should aspire to: BEING THE BEST, all because of his/her hard work, dedication and a near religious commitment to excellence.

    If anything, college football is the one thing that the wrong-righting liberals of this country haven't ruined. I pray it isn't yet another step along the continuum that is, "the wussification of America."

    Now, my question for you: Should we handicap the best achievers in this country because "it's fair?" Should we dumb down our academic requirements because it makes low-end performers feel bad? Should we limit Nick Saban's ability to sign the #1 recruiting class 3 out of the past 4 years, because it gives Alabama an unfair advantage on the field of play? Where is this "wussification" really headed? Will college sports one day stop keeping score, so that there isn't a losing team, who feels bad not being as good as the winner?

    This post was edited by zigzag 17 months ago

  • Great post. +1. And No...never handicap the best achievers! That's why my kids will never play in an "equal" league like an Upward Basketball. I want my kids to experience what victory feels like, but they also need to feel what it's like to get their tales handed to them. Experiencing defeat, working hard to overcome challenges and finally achieving the ultimate goal is what it's all about. That's why it feels amazing that Alabama is currently on this historic run. Winning 3 of the last 4 is one thing....but overcoming the adversity of all the horrible years before Saban arrived makes it that much more special. I was in college when Shula was coach. I had it rough, but those dark times were needed to reach where we are now.

    "Wussification" was what I was trying to get to in my original post. I guess I didn't know how to say it. So the original question should be rephrased:

    Do you think if the SEC keeps dominating on this level, do the other conferences and teams start to lose interest in their team and college football as a whole. In other words, do they flat out quit??

  • I think its bad long term. The SEC is going to end up like the NFL where all teams are good. A 10-2 SEC championship team may get shut out of a four team playoff where the other schools are 12-0 or 11-1 in their weak conference.

    The weekly grind is going to catch up to the SEC teams. We can no longer confuse Ole Miss for being a bye week with them signing top talent. Add on another contender in A&M. MSU was top 10 when we played them. LSU is always good. And Auburn will be competitive.

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  • The SEC as a whole has won 7 straight BCS titles, but lets not forget that 5 of them were won by 2 coaches, Saban and Meyer.

    It's not so much SEC dominance anymore as it is Alabama dominance. Leagues and sports need dominating programs. They need teams that are polarizing. Yankees in baseball. Lakers in basketball. Patriots in football most recently. What we are doing is not much different than what USC did under Carroll. I get that you're referring to SEC dominance but when I look at our league honestly I see the SEC dominance that's being referred to recently as mostly Alabama dominance.

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  • Ok, so you think vanderbilt and Kentucky in football are forking up the money too? Your post acts like the only reason the SEC is dominant is because we pay players and none of the other conferences do. When in fact the three most recent finding in ncaa investigations came from Miami, Ohio state, and USC. I'm sure it does go on in some shape or form everywhere, but don't act like its just the SEC. I haven't seen the single piece of evidence that the elite schools in the sec are providing illegal benefits during recruitment of players, so I really don't understand what that has to do with the topic.

  • The answer to your question, in my opinion, is demographics and coaching.

    Less than 60 years ago, Florida and Alabama had nearly the same populations. Now Florida is more than 3 times more populous. Next look at the entire South and compare that to the Midwest. Where is the population growing? Where is the population decreasing? And related to that is the fact that so many elite Southern athletes choose to remain in the South rather than journey to the Midwest or elsewhere. Colleges outside the South developed relationships with many Southern high schools during the era of segregation. Those ties slowly passed away and are now a distant memory to even the grandfathers of today's recruits. Why play in the hyperborean frigid hell of Michigan when you can be a star on any number of competitive teams in the South where the weather is warm and your family is near?

    Next is the coaching. The South has the better coaches. Saban, Miles, and Meyer are not Southerners, but they came South for the talent, the opportunity to win big, the commitment to football, the superior facilities, the money, and the rabid fan base that will always stress football over anything else. Who would have thought Bielma would take the Arkansas job? Would that have been even remotely possible 20 or 30 years ago?

    What mystifies me is Texas. With the talent available in the Lone Star State, there is no explaining the Longhorn's consistent record of underachieving.