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Its way early, but looking ahead to 2012 season...

  • First of all I would like to say I'm more than excited about the events that took place last night. Its simply amazing how our coaching staff continues to bring in top notch talent. With that being said the future is ensuring to be very bright one indeed. What brings me to this topic was a friend of mine bringing up his LSU Tigers for the 2012 season. We agreed that right now its a 2 team race, and it may be for some time in the future, but after looking at the depth charts for 2012 Alabama should be at least a step ahead. Here is how it plays out:

    LSU Offense Losses:

    QB- Jefferson, Lee (returning Mettenburger)
    RB- no loss
    WR- Randle (possibly)
    TE- Peterson
    OT- 1 2nd string player
    OG- 3/4 1st and 2nd string including T-Bob Herbert
    (That is 9/22 1st and 2nd string players that rotate and play)

    Defense Losses:
    DE- 1 starter
    DT- 1 2nd string rotational player
    OLB- both starters with little experience taking over
    MLB- 1 starter
    CB- 2 starters
    Saftey- 1 starter and 1 2nd string player
    (This is also 9/22 1st and 2nd string players)

    Alabama losses:
    WR- 3 Hanks, Maze, Gibson
    OG- McCullough
    TE-Underwood (didnt play much)
    RB-Richardon (but we are loaded)
    (That is 8/22 1st and 2nd string players)

    Defense Losses:
    DT-Chapman Gentry
    LB- 3 Upshaw, Hightower, Harris
    CB-Menzie, Kirkpatrick
    S- Barron, possibly Lester
    (That is possibly 9/22 depending on lester)

    I'm putting a lot of emphasis on the 2nd string guys because of needed depth to make that championship run. LSU has great players and they should reload but their OL will be the achilles heel next season while our OL should put our offense over the top. On defense we all know the situation for both teams but our 3-4 scheme allows us to rotate more LBs to get that needed experience. Overall both teams will be great again but I think we have somewhat of an edge in 2012 over the Tigers of LSU. Any thoughts?

  • I think LSU is the favorite and that's without factoring in the schedule, which includes a trip to Tiger Stadium. Theyre built to make a run next year, but theyre certainly beatable and Im glad we wont be breaking in a new QB.

  • I too am excited about next year with what we have coming back and coming in. It will definitely be interesting to say the least. Our OLine should be the most dominate line ever assembled at Bama. :) large/tall order I know, but I can't' remember a time we brought so much back in terms of experience and just sheer awesomeness!!!

    so, chaulk up an entire year of AJ and throw in Phil Sims and we could just be lighting it up for 300 plus each game next year thru the air - with that stable of WRs on our roster. I think we'll always be a balanced offense, but you have to look at the way they are recruiting top notch WR now that an emphasis might just be being placed on the air attack....