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Jamychal Green

  • Well now I know where JG gets his poor attitude from. It is a shame for a parent to not think Grant is trying to make his son a better man. Also thanks for posting.

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  • He has been suspended, multiple times and some for multiple games. He's not a freshman, fresh out of high school who "didn't know any better". 99% of us don't know what he did, but the fact is what ever he did caused him to be suspended. And I think we can all agree it wasn't something that CAG had to make up to get him suspended. It was either an obvious team rule violation or NCAA/legal violation. He chose to do it, which got himself suspended, again. How is that not selfish?

    I never liked his attitude on the floor, which most on here seem to agree with and many mistakenly call that selfish. But I don't think he's selfish for any of his on the court stuff. It is 100% due to how he acts off the court. He's our best player, he is our 1 senior, and should have been a leader for the last 2 years - both on and off the court. Whatever he's doing to get suspended isn't helping the younger players, and is selfish.

    I'd like for you to explain how getting suspended as much and often as he has as anything but being selfish.

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  • I'll throw this in for the JM being selfish side of things...

    Watch his mannerisms during games. I'm not talking about with the other team, refs, etc. I'm talking about how he handles himself with his teammates and coaches. Very often over the last four years he has noticeably pouted--both on the court and on the bench, argued with teammates, shrugged off coaches, gotten blatant fouls with lazy defense, and taken shots clearly outside of the rhythym of the offense for no other reason than to shoot the ball.

    I played basketball for a looooong time and I get that players aren't supposed to stand at attention the whole time a coach is getting on to them. Sometimes it is good for a player to let it roll off their back. It's also good sometimes for a good player to take control and shoot. You expect more of this stuff from Freshmen and even Sophomores. JM hasn't grown much. In his game or with his attitude. The constant suspensions are a glaring reminder.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the guy. He wears Crimson, he's talented, and he is a I'm pulling for him. But all of the reasons I've shared above are really frustrating. I compare him a lot to DJ Hall. All the talent in the world, but will the program be in worse or better shape when his attitude and seeming lack of leadership are gone??

    I'm not trying to bash the kid...just telling you how I've seen it over the last four years now.

  • You kind of hit on it with your last sentence.

    Getting suspended 3 times in 3 years shows that he does not understand leadership or accountability.

    He's also a hothead that has the composure of a 16 year-old when he's challenged physically or when an opponent gets into his head.

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  • i can't really explain it because i don't know exaclty what he's done. I know that he's made some dumb decision but I don't think he's a selfish person. I don't think he think that he thinks he's above the team and while I agree that his suspensions are frustrating, I don't think they're out of selfishness. The guy has anger issues and is immature, but I don't think he's selfish. He's never been forced to grow up. He can give the licks but he can't take them back, I understand that. But I don't think he's selfish and I from what I've seen his teammates really like him and he really likes his teammates. When I watch the ball games, I see him hustling. I don't think he's a cancer to his team, I think he's more of a cancer to himself. I hope he realizes it soon and gets it corrected, but if he hasn't yet...then when?

    So by going off of your explanation, Releford and Steele are also "selfish" players? I don't think they are, I think they made a dumb decision and so did Myke. I think Myke's been suspended longer because of his previous suspensions and rightfully so.

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  • Exaclty my point, but I don't think he's doing it out of selfishness. He's doing it because that's what he's been taught growing up...that's how he's always dealt with it and for most of his life it's worked.

    When I used to play baseball and i struck out, I'd walk back to the dugout crying and throw the helmet and bat...pitch a little fit out of frustration AT MYSELF...not my teammates. Now after I did it a couple of times my Dad was waiting at the dugout to "convince" me that my actions were wrong and it helped me to mature and grow up and become (imo) a bit of a leader on my basketball teams in the future and be more accountable and take some responsibility for my own actions. Helped me to stay ultra-competitive but learn to keep my emotions in check.