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Just a couple of late night thoughts

  • I will be attending the spring game this weekend with 3 of my buddies and am very excited to see a glimpe of our team. I know our coaching staff does a really good job with our offensive lineman year in and year out so im excited to see how the new offensive line kind of gells together out there. The secondary is my only concern for A Day. I am really looking forward to seeing how well they play against our offense. I know the first two scrimmages have been a little rough so i am excited to see how they respond. Also in the secondary I am looking forward to see how geno smith and landon collins is doing. We all know landon has the physical attributes to play the position well and geno really came on strong at the end of the year last year so i want to see how they have improved. Last but not least I am excited to see Jai Miller. I want to see how he looks out there and if he can contribute come next fall. Just my thoughts on what Im excited for and wanted to share.