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Louis Sullivan (bball).. game thoughts

  • MrGold

    To be fair, I couldn't get a great read on Louis Sullivan with just one game. But here are a couple of thoughts:

    Sullivan is lefty who is a legit 6'6/6'7, with long arms. He was not super aggressive and at times a 5'10 kid was able to deny him in the post. He shoots from deep and seems to be pretty consistent. I expected more athleticism from Sullivan and he appears lethargic as he jogged up and down the court. But when he wants to crank it up by getting to the rim, he was able to do. Sullivan is a junior is and has a year to step it up… (I am judging from 1 game). My best description would be a laid back Christian Watford. Watford’s aggressiveness made him a difficult player to plan for. Like Watford, Sullivan is a high level D1 recruit.

    He plays for a team that has a couple of really good high school wing scorers. I really like the 6'4 sophomore guard (Stairs)... I know the coaches were more concerned with the 2 wing players more than Sullivan.

    I did not see Pujol, but I had to leave before Madison Academy played, (Josh Langford scored 33, with 7 rebounds today). Wearing his bright red wind breaker, Philip Pearson was the most visible recruiting in the gym (representing UGA)