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Lucky..Re Kirby and Alabama post-Saban Era

  • I wish people would quit trying to use the Dubose example. Many (in fact most people I know) saw that as a bad hire from the get-go. Mike doesn't have the best relationship management skills, and that's a huge part of being a head coach. Plus, Mike's (and there's no way to put this without sounding insulting) not really the most intellectual guy you'll meet. Decent position coach, but was never going to make a good head coach.

    Kirby doesn't have those same issues, and other teams recognize that, which is why he is in demand.

    Of course there are no guarantees with any hire. That applies to prior head coaches and assistant coaches. CSS lit it up at UF, but has been mediocre at SC for example.

    I believe Kirby will probably do very well at the next level in my opinion because: a) He's a really intelligent guy, b) He's spent a lot of time studying and learning under CNS, c) He can recruit with the best of them, d) He's young and has the fire, and e) He has good relationship management skills.

  • What i got from this is that there is something with CNS & a return to the NFL going on behind the scenes. At the very least, its a real possibility, but can't be discussed because we would have people jumping from ledges.

  • Let me offer a couple of thoughts that might assuage some peoples' angst over Saban potentially going back to the league. For starters, if Saban were to be named a head coach somewhere in the NFL tomorrow, he would be the second oldest coach in the league behind Tom Coughlin who is 65 (Carroll and Gailey are both 60). Saban turned 61 on Halloween this year. Lucky said he expects Saban to stay in Tuscaloosa for a long time. If that is true, how long would the NFL be willing to pay for a coach in his mid 60's who might be the oldest coach in the NFL if hired? I know CNS is a young 61, but I just don't see an NFL team taking a risk on a guy that could only last a few more years.

    I think it's more likely that CNS coaches at Bama for 4-10 more years and hangs it up. I think he's driven to try to leave his legacy as the best coach in modern college football history (or maybe the best ever). I also think he knows he's entering the golden years of his career and he doesn't have too many years left. It would be a big risk to his career and legacy to try to jump back to league at such a late juncture.

    In the case that he did leave, (and honestly, I wouldn't even be upset after all he has done here) Chris Peterson and David Shaw (assuming he continues to have the success he had this year) would be at the top of my list. Peterson is probably the best pure coach (just getting the best out of his players) in the nation, with the obvious possible exception of CNS. I love Shaw's offense and it would fit perfectly with our style at Bama, and he has a reputation for developing great QBs while also remaining committed to the power run game. Really like him as a coach. As far as Kirby is concerned, I'm hoping he lands a solid job somewhere outside of the SEC next year to learn the ropes as an HC. If he has the kind of success in recruiting and on the field that so many think he is capable of, I would be all in favor of luring him back to Bama after Saban retires. Just my .02.

    The state is the great fictitious entity by which every man believes he can live at the expense of every other. - Frédéric Bastiat


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  • 1tide

    I don't see Peterson ever coming to the South.

    New Member of The 247 Crew!

  • ARS4UA

    Just because NFL owners want Saban does not mean he wants the NFL. If its money then I would bet Alabama would match it.

  • 1tide

    Dangerous for a university to just keep upping the price of coaches. Yes he is producing. & he is worth it. But it's gonna send a bad message to the rest of the country. & then when Saban does leave. Is the next guy gonna expect the same? Because no matter who that is. He likely isn't gonna be worthy of that kinda money.

    New Member of The 247 Crew!

  • RTR 65

    Could not agree more. The Bama fanbase was clamoring for Dubose when IMO a simple interview by any competent AD (We did not have one) would have told anyone that he was not up to the job.

    As for the Browns rumor; I would not sweat that one. Even if Saban entertained NFL ideas again which I don't think he will and even if Haslam wanted him, which he probably does, this rumor is more about Vile fans dream scenario. They had envisioned hiring Chuckie and their big booster hiring Saban away from Bama.

    I'm not worried but like i said when he was hired; if he stays 3-5 years and bolts we will be in so much better shape than when he was hired and that Bama would be a top 2-3 job in the country. So now we've had 6 yrs with no end in sight and Bama football is a beast

  • Terry Saban said live on the radio interview yesterday....Alabama is it...that's where they will retire...that it was a great fit for them, they were very happy at Alabama!

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  • You might be right. I'm just saying that he would be at the top of my list.

    The state is the great fictitious entity by which every man believes he can live at the expense of every other. - Frédéric Bastiat

  • For those talking about the draw of NFL playing on the ego of someone like Saban as his only place he was unsuccessful. Remember this one thing that Bama has in college that no one else has is the the history of Bear. If Saban needs to drive his ego he doesn't need to go to NFL to do it, he can stay at Bama and try to surpass the legend of the Bear. By no means does this discredit the Bear and what he meant to Alabama, but there has never been anyone at Alabama that has created this dynasty. One or 2 more Nat . Champ in this era and it will go a long way for Saban to become the modern day Bear
    That is better than the NFL