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NCAAB tourney flaw

  • The question isn't if Bama is better than a few others that made the dance, it's what in your opinion makes you believe that we are better or even a little more deserving to dance than the ones who actually got picked? If its just "defense" then that would probably be accurate but that cant be it. I watched our games and it hurts to say it but we arent good enough, period. I'm not a biased fan, not saying you are, but I know for a fact that we aren't deserving of a selection. No way in hell did this team do anything to make the committee think long and hard about us. I said it a few days before the SECT in hopes it wouldn't land on deaf ears. I said guys, there is no way we are an at-large bid team. Gotta win this thing to get a spot. People thought even if we beat UF and lost Sunday we should be dancing and it was still crazy to me. It saddens me that we lost to so many really bad teams but also sets my mind at ease a bit to know that we are getting exactly what we deserve, another NIT post season invitation. And I hope nobody uses the idea that since we are a one seed in this tournament that it has anything to do with "closely" being left out of the big dance. It had nothing to do with it.
    All we can do now is take advantage of this postseason with practices and continue to work hard and at least try and improve.

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    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

  • Yeah, I understand that. But, if the NCAA is going through the whole charade of calling the First Four games the "1st round", shouldn't all those teams be 16 seeds? Even if you're a conference tourney winner, you would still be "in the tournament"

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  • They don't want to make the play-in games exclusively 16-seed type teams because nobody would watch. If it were 8 teams you'd never heard of, tv ratings would be garbage.

    As it is, they basically have 2 games featuring the AQs and then 2 games with teams that were on the bubble. It truly is a "play-in" game and I wish they'd call it that rather than calling it the First Round.

    From a historical perspective, it's a joke calling the Thursday-Sunday games the "2nd and 3rd Round" when almost all of the teams playing in those contests are actually playing in their first and second games.

    They should do away with 4 at-larges and make it more difficult to get in and leave it at 64. The Dayton games are a meaningless money grab. If you didn't do enough during the regular season to get off the bubble, you don't deserve special consideration late in the year. Would anyone shed any tears if MTSU, LaSalle, St Marys and Boise missed out this year?

    Or here's an idea - increase the number of at-larges....have the small league champs (current AQs) play a 16-team tournament and the Final 4 from that actually get tourney bids. It's silly that each year the 13-16 seeds are teams that have no business being in. Just waters down a field that's already watered down.

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  • Actually, that's exactly what they do. The play-in games (it's not a "round" and I will never call it one) match up the lowest four seeds in the tournament (always automatic bids) and the lowest four at-large bids.

    As for eliminating them, that argument lost all its weight in the public eye when VCU went to the final four two years ago. People love the Cinderella story more than crowning a true champion. That's why the tournament has this ridiculous one-and-done format instead of following the mold of baseball and softball.

  • Agree. It's hard to take it seriously anymore. The drama and suspense make great tv. It's not a very good model for determining the best team in the country anymore, though.

    That's why I don't get worked up about it unless Alabama is safely in on Selection Sunday. If you can't make a field of 68 (or if there's even any doubt) then you've not had a very good year. Sure - you may get hot and make a run, but it's virtually impossible to win 6 straight games if you're a bubble type team.

    All it takes is two hours to undo 5 months of work.

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  • I see your point, but I don't know of anybody outside of Murfreesboro, TN that is saying to themselves "Ooh! Middle Tennessee St is playing tonight! I gotta watch that!" Once you get past the power conferences and a few of the notable teams from the midmajor leagues, nobody is gonna care if it's an 11 seed matchup or a 16 seed matchup. If they did it wouldn't be broadcast on TruTV. Moving to 68 was a bad idea, and just a money grab by the NCAA by getting 2 more nights of TV out of the tourney.

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  • This year is an interesting case because it's smaller schools involved.

    If it were Kentucky playing Maryland or Tennessee playing would've drawn some interest. I'm actually shocked the NCAA didn't just stick Kentucky in Dayton so they could sell the place out. It took some balls to leave them out even though it was clear they didn't belong.

    This post was edited by NashTide 13 months ago

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  • rolBAMAballs

    i think the conf champ is usually deserving of the auto bid, but in some cases you will have a team that is 9-20 in the big dance as a 16 seed. this is ridiculous and needs to be changed. I udnerstand part of it is timing, but a team with 9 wins has no business in the tourney.

    i dont think UT or bama should be in the tourney...not sure why you are asking that. i stated as much in my OP

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