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ND-USC game

  • I'm assuming most on here watched the game. What is everyone's thoughts on the game? What weaknesses and strengths did the Notre Dame defense and offense show? Keep in mind ND was playing a first time starter in Max Witteck(sp?). I am by no means a football expert, but I think with some exotic blitz packages we can keep Golston confused for the most of the night and I think we will contain him. I think seeing JFF earlier in the season will help out greatly in this area. However, I understand that putting pressure on QBs has been a challenge thus far. Really, I just don't think they have the athletes to keep up with us for 4 quarters.

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  • The biggest thing i remember was that Notre Dame's secondary got beat deep ALOT.

    If Marquis Lee had helped his freshman QB, by going after footballs, USC would have won by 10 pts or more. Maybe Barkley is so accurate that he never had to adjust before, but for whatever reason Lee was not trying on those deep passes. Lost respect from me and any scout watching i'm sure. I thought Lee was a TOP 15 pick, now early 2nd round.

    Also, don't know his name, but I will never forget his number. #10, Linebacker for USC, was always near the football, but made so few tackles and had one good play. Never seen a player look that lost in a game before. Check the replay and just watch #10 for a drive or two. So with playing 10 guys on defense all night, USC did well against ND. And speak of the devil...just saw a replay of a Golstons first TD vs USC, #10 was daydreaming and forgot about his gap on the goaline and pushed (with his shoulder, doesn't have arms it seams unless hes holding them out saying "this worked in HS") Golston in for the TD instead of tackling him.

    I watched ND quite a few times this year, yet missed the Stanford game. With everything I have seen from them, I'm not sure how they beat Stanford. Anyone?

    So to answer your questions...

    secondary is weak deep while ours is weak short and giving up YAC.

    Front seven is very good, yet whats the best OL/TE they have faced? USC ran very well on them in the 1st quarter. Could have done that all night, but Lame Kiffen got bored picking up 1st downs.

    ND is offense is pedestrian, like our 2008 offense, effective but not not flashy. They run the ball well and we have given up some yards up the middle this year, that I haven't seen since 2007. But after watching them, they are not a special running team, like WISC or ARK when Nutt was there, they just are committed to runnning the ball. Doubt their ypc is better than ours. That TE, Eifert, is impressive.

    Their QB is getting better and better, throws an ugly ball, but is effective. Very mobile, but not as quick as the media is making him out to be. His running style VERY VERY much like...Blake Sims. Nothing like Johnny M. or Cam Newton or Tim Tebow or anyone else the Media wants to lump this kid in with. We have the perfect Scout Team QB for the first time in a long time. I can't think of a single time, with time to prepare, that we had a QB on the roster that was SO SO SO close to the opposing teams QB. I'm sure the coaches see the similarityor maybe blake while watching tape.

    They will come in with a lot of emotion and confidence. Survive the 1st qtr and they will wear down. If the game is close in the 4th, then we are in a dog fight and could very well lose. They play well when the game is on the line, yet so do we. Brian Kelly will find a way to get some points in the first half. people forget that he is an offensive coach, that had great success everywhere he has been. He will have a few wrinkles, we have never seen from them and a few trick plays. Keep it close, with lead preferablly, and run the ball down their throats in the 3rd quarter and put this game to bed with a knockout qtr. Can we do it, of course. Will we, well lets see the play calling.


  • bamaku

    I learned that USC didn't have a disciplined defense and ND took advantage of that. I think the better question is how will tis so called great ND defense actually stop a balanced offense?

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  • JCB206,

    Did you state that you thought Marqise Lee will be a 2nd round pick? If so, I respectfully disagree as he's a game-changer and likely a top 5 overall guy.

    You get out of it what you put into it!

  • How ND handles a balanced attack is THE question. I honestly don't think we need to blitz the qb, and I say that not because I fear him scrambling out of the pocket and downfield. He's no Johnny Football, but is mobile and can cause problems. I just don't think it's necessary to be high-risk on defense. Conservative play on defense and a balanced attack on offense wins in a yawner.

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  • I said I thought he was a TOP 15 (after listening to the media) pick but now I believe he is a second round pick. Not that he will be taken in the 2nd round. He is a very good player, just a waste of a 1st round pick. This is no Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, etc. If he's the best WR in the draft, then this is a weak year. He doesn't fight for the ball, wants it thrown perfect. Just not impressed. Doesn't give a dang about his team. Someone may take him in the 1st round, but if they spend TOP 15 money on him, they are wasting their money IMHO

  • Their real strength this year was having 29 seniors. They are a mature bunch and play together well.

  • Well said