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Now that we've got some venting out of the way

  • Look I'm not thrilled with the overall direction of our program right now but I'm not giving up on the season just yet... does anyone else get the sense that with even officiating and on a neutral court in Nasvhille, we can absolutely beat Florida?

    I know this is odd timing for the post because I was just on Grant's case, and I'm not pleased with how we play sometimes, but I think it's only fair to the guys to stay behind them for the rest of the year. Along those lines, I actually think winning the SEC tourny outright is not totally out of the question. Before today I thought Florida was head and shoulders above us.. they are not.

  • cjrolltide75

    The program is fine we just have young players. Over the last 4 yrs we have averaged 20 wins 3 out of the fours years and recruiting is going good. I'am so tried of these grown ass men complaining and the sad part is most of the people on this site complaining are not putting money into the program. Most just want to sit on there ass and say what needs to be done like its that simple. THANK GOD CMM DON'T LISEN TO YALL.

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  • Nice to see someone with some sense on here. The imbeciles appear to have taken over.

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  • That's great to average 20 wins in 3 of 4 years. But the bottomline is just one tournament appearance in 4 years. That says it all...

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  • When we get Engstrom back and add the two big men signees along with a year's improvement from the four sophomore, DP and RO, this is going to be a very good team next year. For those who want to fire Grant now, take a breath and judge him after next year. Pollard will get used to the level of competition and will be outstanding. He showed flashes today.

    Had Engstrom been healthy now we would have 10 fouls to give underneath and he was becoming a good threat offensively. He was starting ahead of MG and showing great improvement. With him we probably beat Cincy, Mercer, Tulane, Tenn. on the road (when TR was fouled but no call) and the barn. That would make us 24-4 and probably ranked in the top 15.

    The good news is the state will be loaded with high school talent the next three years. Grant is recruiting many of those players and will hopefully sign great classes going forward.

  • We've lost 6 in a row and 8 of 9 to them.

    They had 3 guys who were not 100 percent playing today and as a team, they weren't overly sharp, and they still beat us by 12.

    I don't think it's impossible for us to beat them, but I don't think it's very likely either. They're better than us at every position 1-5 and they have better coaching. Realistically it would take a lot of things happening for us to beat them on a neutral floor.

    Our best shot is to somehow find a way to get the #2 seed, hope one of these other teams (Mizzou, OM, UT, etc.) beats UF as the #1 and we advance to Sunday. I think we can beat Ole Miss, UK, UT, Arky, etc. in Nashville.

    Not sure we could beat Mizzou or UF, but maybe we won't have to.

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  • Coach Grant was not a quick fix, as in a Coach Cal or Coach Pearl, but he is building a solid program. If some of you would not be so short sighted, you would see that this team may be on the brink of a huge breakout year next season (two experienced centers and a power forward plus two more low post players in the freshman class and a very talented and experienced backcourt coming back) and it couldn't come at a better time, with all of the talent in-state in the next two classes, Bama may be set up for an extended run of tournament appearances. Winning big next year should really help to keep some of that talent at home. If Grant puts together three or four tournament runs, the program will start to attract more talent regionally and nationally and he has the right demeanor for sustaining success long-term. I believe the key may be the development of a real consistent scoring threat at the small forward position and Rodney Cooper has shown flashes, but Pollard could be the difference maker if he taps into his potential and blossoms as a sophomore. I am very excited about next season and if the team stays healthy, I seriously believe we will have a top 10 squad that can make a real run in the tourney!

  • "They had 3 guys who were not 100 percent playing today and as a team, they weren't overly sharp, and they still beat us by 12"

    True. Conversely, though, we just lost to a team by 12 (which was a VERY flattering margin of victory for them, as everyone who watched the game knows we were rarely beyond 6/7 until under a minute left when bball scorelines tend to get inflated) when that team was 22-26 from the line and we were 4-10. This game came down to free throws: aside from the obvious discrepancy in FTA's (reffing woes from today have been well documented), they shot WELL above their average and we shot below ours in the few attempts the officials were gracious enough to grant us. You realize we're actually a marginally better FT shooting team than Florida? We're 68.9% and they're 68.2%. Who's to say we won't be the one shooting above avg in Nashville, or that UF might have a below avg night (shoot even an AVERAGE game would have been much better than what they did to us today)

    I know they're better than us from 1-5, and better coached. I'm just saying if we can go to their place and play them a really close game that is ultimately decided by free throws given by a not so impartial crew, I don't think it'd be a huge shock for us to beat them on a neutral court with (fingers crossed) more even officiating.

    And again this isn't sunshine pumping at all- I don't like the way we play. We have problems, both coaching and personnel-wise. And I know reffing isn't the only reason we lost today, but it sure didn't help. I'm just trying to remain somewhat optimistic for the rest of the season, and don't think the optimism is entirely misplaced

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  • Why does everybody keep saying he's only made 1 NCAA tournament in 4 years?

    1. This year isn't over.
    2. There was no way in hell anybody would have expected him to his 1st year.
    3. Should have been in his 2nd year. We were good enough. Just that damned RPI.

    This is a dumb argument.

    I like our chances in the SECT. We played two of our better games on a neutral court in NYC. It's not like we play great at home anyway and this takes away the BS home court officiating that goes on. If we end up with that 2 or 3 seed I fully expect it to be us and Florida for the title.

  • I personally like Carl, but Carl was averaging 3.3 ppg and 2.7 rbp before the injury. To make out like he would have been the difference to make us a 24-4 club is just being unrealistic. Yes he would have given us someone to go to for foul problems, but he wasn't some huge game changing upgrade.

    Having Carl Heathy probably gets us 2 more wins, which granted may have been enough for us to have snuck into the NCAA tourney this year. But 24-4? No way.

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  • I wish our fans would stop putting unrealistic football-like expectations to our B-ball team. Anyone can beat anyone in college b-ball if you catch them sleeping. It isn't like football when a talented team isn't be mentally locked in and still roll over someone like Western Kentucky. I'm not saying our losses (many of which are terrible) are ok, but this is happens in college basketball.

    We lost our best and only inside presence this year and it has killed us offensively. This is about where I saw us in the preseason, a bubble team on the outside looking in. That said, we can hang with most anyone for the majority of a game. I don't care how pretty it is, but a 50-48 win counts the same as a 70-48 win. CAG is not the problem. Would you rather have CAG who has had is in NCAA tourney talks 3 of his 4 years here, or would you rather have Gottfried who was running a below average program relative to the talent he had here. Next year, we will have a more experienced core group of players along with two 4 stars (really excited about Hale) and Pollard. If we are where we are now this time next year, then things might need to change, but lets pump the brakes on this pessimistic outlook on Bama B-ball.