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Ole Miss IMO

  • **I hope this will end the conversation about Ole Miss's recruiting**

    It is not very hard to understand or explain why big time recruits are really having interest in Ole Miss. And their recruiting is not exactly what it may seem.

    The reason for the success:
    1. BIG10, Tennessee, Auburn, and UGA - As you can see 2 5* players are from the north. Treadwell and Daniel, who are both 5*s because of the update to 32 players. Both are good talents...but neither had an offer from Alabama. The BIG10 has a bad rap right now, and the SEC is the most powerful conference in the country. Ole Miss also reap the rewards of Auburn and Tennessee being a disaster. Auburn usually pull the type of class Ole Miss has right now (which I will explain later), and Tennessee is usually able to take some recruits from various states, and after both teams went down in flames, Ole Miss had the upper hand. They also will get 4-5 (if you include Lawson) from the state of GA. Lawson would be 100% with AU if it wasn't for their disaster, and UGA cant seem to keep in state talent from leaving the state, and they have always had that problem. We did not pursue Lawson till late, and honestly was probably never near the top of our board. These 4-5 players from GA either they fell into them (Lawson and RN) or they didn't get pursued by the big SEC schools.

    2. Playing time - this one explains itself, but with these kids that sticks out to them. They see that Ole Miss is on the rise (compared to the others they were committed to, or visited) and that they get to join a team and be on the field in the SEC next year.

    3. Atmosphere - Big time party school, and has a great gameday atmosphere.

    So looking through these recruits, only 1 of them (that is committed right now) has a legit offer from Alabama, anyone want to guess where he is right now? Visiting Alabama.
    Eventually they will most likely sign Nkemidiche, Conner, and Lawson as their final 5* players. If Chris Jones leaves Miss State I will be surprised, and Tunsil has said his top2 is Alabama and UGA and I don't expect that to change after this visit. That will end them with 6 5* players, 2 from up north, 2 that fell into their laps, and 2 right down the street. So lets look at the rest of the class and see what we have....15 3*s, and 4 4*s (one from Tenn and 3 from their Home State)

    In comparison
    Auburn: 88.26
    Ole Miss: 88.17
    Alabama: 92.24
    Florida: 91.4
    LSU: 91.19
    UGA: 89.14

    What do I see from this list? Ole Miss will gain some better average and maybe be around 90. UGA has had a down year in terms of recruiting, just look at how many recruits are leaving the state. LSU, Alabama, or Florida don't let the likes of Ole Miss in their state to grab recruits. We will sign 3 3*s (Cole Mazza does not count because he is the best at his position), Ole Miss will sign 16 3*s! Guess who else will sign 16 3*'s? UGA, South Carolina, Tennessee. None of these classes have any depth, and most importantly most of these schools have signed kids who are not recruited by UF, LSU, or Alabama.

    Also if Auburn keeps Lawson, after the dumpster fire, they may have a comparable class to Ole Miss.

    They have signed 1 Secondary player. Yep 1...they will most likely land Conner and will not sign 1 CB in this class and settle for 1 2* S and a 5* S. Lets look at their LB's now - 2 both 84 3*s. They will sign 2 3* QB's, and they will also only have 2-3 OLine, and 2 of them are a low 83 rating.

    Ole Miss will look good on a video game recruiting wise (and it is a great top heavy class), but with no one to block and no one to throw to the WR, and everyone throwing on their secondary. They have zero depth in this class. I will not worry about Ole Miss recruiting until they start to pull 4*s on a consistent basis. But that will only mean things are not looking good at Auburn, Tennessee, or UGA.

    We will look back at this years class, and see that Ole Miss struck gold on Nkemdiche and Conner, but the rest of this team will look like AU at all positions besides DLine. Remember in the end we didn't offer but 4 players who will sign with Ole Miss most likely. JUCO DL, Nkemdiche (whos brother is on the team), Lawson (who we didn't offer until 2 months ago), and Conner (who has us in the Final 2).

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  • Solid. Thank you for your time and effort to post.

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  • #2 and #3 are constants and can't explain the sudden change this year. #1 is true but UT and AU are always going to get their share of good recruits. The playing time argument could be made for them, too.

    Deviations this large, no matter what the subject (year to year HRs ala Sosa/McGwire, year to year tax return amounts, etc) always warrant investigation.

    This post has been edited 2 times, most recently by RWarren11 15 months ago

  • 92DT

    They got a top 3 receiver out of Chicago. A black kid from Chicago ... wants to go to Mississippi. blank

  • Great post Op.

    I'm not sure why so many of our fans are freaking out. Like you pointed out their class is very top heavy.

    Getting 4 or 5 five star players isn't what makes you great. It's having 20 players rated 4 star or better. That's how you get depth and overcome the fact that 1 out of 3 recruits don't pan out.

    Auburns "great" classes were top heavy too. When a couple of those five stars didnt pan out or stick around they were left with 5 star expectations and 3 star players.

    I also don't mind ole miss getting some talent and competing for 2nd or 3rd in the west. I like that the talent is getting more spread out within our competition. Brings ole miss up but brings down the top teams.

  • 1tide

    While I agree that their class is top heavy. It also includes what they need as well. & that is 2-4 kids that can play & make a difference ASAP. Those combined with what they have coming back. Allows them to try & build off of last season imho.

    New Member of The 247 Crew!

  • It appears to bring in what they need. However if one of those 5 stars doesn't pan out, and that is a position of need, then they are left with a 3 star at that position. If all of the 5 stars turn out great then being top heavy is down but its never worked out that way before.

  • 1tide

    I think they've got a good staff to develop players. & I think in RN & Conner they have 2 that are can't miss already. Any wr can flourish in Freeze's type of offense. So I think they have a pretty good run at top end guys this year. Depth will be the key as the years pass. Just like with any team.

    New Member of The 247 Crew!

  • 1tide

    I mean really if u r a school like Ole Miss. How can you not take these types of recruits? It's really just laughable to even debate passing on 5 star prospects. Because it makes your class top heavy. U get these guys while you can get them. & then start building depth in the following class. If they can land 5 or 6 5 stars in this class. & build upon last season on the field this year. Chances are they will continue to bring in some really good talent.

    New Member of The 247 Crew!

  • Good post.... But Ole Miss with six 5* recruits? That's USC ish, hell, thats more than we may have. It's a free country and I pay to post on this board so I am entitled to an opinion and here it is. I don't care how anyone tries to rationalize their extreme success, something is going on in Oxford. They are Ole Miss and have NEVER had this many top recruits. You don't get from mediocre recruiting to excellent over night unless something is going on!!! They are not Alabama, or USC, their name brand is no where near ours!!! While, I love our class and think we beat Ole Miss, I will say that I think there is $$$$ involved. If it walks like a duck, it must me a duck. ROLL TIDE!!

  • I'm gonna give you a +1 for the post. It was well thought out and had good points involved. But (sorry but there is a "but"), I think you put too much emphasis in the star ratings. I do agree however that when u consistently load up a roster with a lot of 4* it is perceived that you are on a better path of recruiting success. But I also believe that you should look at how the player development history of a coaching staff can be effective too. Our staff is obviously the best at eval, recruiting, and development when on campus. But we don't yet know what Freeze can do consistently with player development. TBD. UGA does a decent job of this too, but doesn't transition to championships. But I think they are very a competitive football team. USCe is another team that has done well with lower ranked recruits. Again, it's not transitioning to championships but they are competing at a high level. AU is a lock for uncertainty under Gus, we all know this. Tenn is under the same as AU. We just don't know what their staff will do under the gun like they will be. I guess what I mean is, me personally, I don't put a ton of stock in star ratings when I know or not know if a staff has the goods to develop it to the battlefield. We develop the best, so I haven't worried about recruiting since 07. If Freeze can get his bunch to buy into his program with his players, it won't matter if he signed all 3* and a few 4*. Teams will be good if they play together, regardless of star ratings. I agree that depth will play large role with teams you've mentioned. All in all, you posted like a champion bro! I enjoyed your insight. +1

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    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

  • This is the truth. It has nothing to do with worrying that crappy Ole Miss is going to be better than us. Thats laughable. People are just noticing the anomaly in Ole Sissy's recruiting. Ole miss getting 5-6 5 stars does not happen without incentive. I don't care if they are from Oxford.

    There are hot women at every SEC school and i don't believe high profile recruits want to go somewhere where they are never on Sportscenter and play most of their games at 11:30 AM.

  • Good post.

    Personally, I am not one to simply just assume some team is cheating when they beat us for a recruit or when they do better then their history. It happens for sure. But I am not going to sit here and simply throw out crap without 1 shred of evidence simply to explain something. Sounds like the sour grapes from many rival fans that accuse UA of using PEDs when there isn't one bit of evidence about that to explain away why they getting their ass beat by Bama.

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  • Agreed, good post, but I dont have sour grapes. I knew RK and Connor were Ole Miss locks, but the others are hard to understand. I will simply say this in response to your statement about a shred of proof and im not flaming you at all, but what about Cam Newton, the NCAA dud not come up with any proof. Do you still believe his recruitment was on the up and up? Bottom line is recruiting can be a very dirty business. By the time proof comes out about Ole Miss, AU, USC (Reggie Bush) all the players in question will be gone. The NCAA simply takes too long. I love Bama and I'm happy with our class, coaching and program. I'm simply stating that it is my strong belief that there are incentives going on in Oxford. Can I prove it?, no, but just because I believe it does not mean it's sour grapes . Just because I point out a fact about something does not mean that I am pissed because we got out recruited, I never said that we did. However, we are Bama and they are Ole Miss. There is normally a huge difference in recruiting. There is most definitely a big difference in our programs. Hello, there are many more programs with more history, money, recruiting pull than Ole Miss. OLE MISS will never be Bama!!! The MSU people over here are pissed, they are digging big time on Ole Miss.

  • 1tide

    MSU by all accounts aren't exactly clean either. they aren't raking in 5 stars. But that doesn't mean they don't try their share of shady business.

    New Member of The 247 Crew!

  • I agree 100% with the OP. Also, the ladies at Ole Miss are incredible! I'm not mad at any of those guys. The Black Bears are doing well, so you have to give credit where its due. RTR!

  • TIFWIW or a grade of saw, whatever. I have played golf with several former college players in the past. I specifically asked them about the boosters and money. I never asked for any specific school or anything. It was asked like " Did any boosters offer you money for you to sign?" Now again these players were from the late 90's, early 2000's , but without solicitation they all said "Ole Miss" was probably the worst. The highest figure mentioned in the conversation was $100K by Ole Miss boosters. The only other school mentioned was USC west, but the money there wasn't nearly as much as OM offered. Now I'm not saying this is happening today, but any level headed person would have to have some doubts. This isn't 1 or 2 5*'s visiting, it is 3-6 and they are commtting. Committing to a school that hasn't pulled this kind of talent in my 42 year lifetime, to a coach whose is one year removed from Arky State. Again, I have posted in the last 2 weeks that I have heard several interviews with Freeze and was very impressed. I even mentioned him in the same breath as James Franklin, only a little different style, but also posted later that thi is starting to get absurd. As someone referenced baseball players and homeruns . This isn't the same as Sosa and Mcguire, homerun hitters that started hitting homeruns at record paces. This is Brady Andersonesque going from 16 homers in a season to 50 homers in a season.

    This post was edited by blount4bama 15 months ago

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  • 92DT

    Come on, 21 ... a black kid from Chicago ... to Oxford, England? OK.

    A black kid from Chicago ... to Oxford, Mississippi? blank

  • All fair points, but based on your theory, why haven't we seen schools like Arkansas, Vanderbilt, UT, Miss. st, hell LSU, S Carolina, etc have the same success. Not sure I buy Ole Miss being a "party school... do you realize what party they are know for? The tailgating on the Grove just "before" the game.... Last time I check players do not attend.

    Now, I don't believe they are cheating, but this will be the best class they have ever signed. What is the real allure to Oxford?? time will tell, but I don't think Ole Miss is any different from the schools I mentioned. They are not experiencing a boon of recruiting.