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Piling on Pannunzio

  • RTR 65

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  • So why then did Murray State not get cited for any violations in 2005? Well, it's because there weren't any. The reason Pannunzio was placed on paid leave was due to a player and former player selling drugs around a school. The president chose to use it as a means to clear out the current coaching staff because they sucked (.500 record in his 5 seasons as coach).

    Pannunzio was later fired after Murray State went 2-9 in 2005. The same AD that you quoted said this at the time of Pannunzio's firing:

    After taking the time to carefully evaluate our football program this season, I feel it is best at this time to move in a new direction. I sincerely want to thank Coach Pannunzio for his service to the university, and I wish him the very best in his future coaching endeavors.

    In light of the struggles we have had on the field this year, I felt the recommendation to not renew Coach Pannunzio's contract is the only one I could make at this point. It is unfortunate that we could not have been more successful this season, which might have allowed me to consider other factors more extensively before making my recommendation.

    I intend to move quickly to hire a new coach in order to give him as much time as possible to assemble his staff and begin recruiting. However, my top priority is to get the best possible coach for Murray State University.

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  • crimsonred124 said... (original post)

    Which is exactly why we will not move a single inch on this issue until the NCAA moves first.

    Anyone that truly thinks we should make drastic coaching changes based on hearsay and slander(the asshat in the OP's article is either lying or a total moron) is likely a barner or self-righteously delusional. How would you feel if I walked into your office, told everyone you'd embezzled thousands years ago at another company, and just walked right out? If your company was really stupid enough to fire you over possible BS then you would have a nice, gigantic payout from the wrongful termination suit you would be all but certain to win. And it really wouldn't even matter if I was lying or not. The onus of proof would be on the institution and if it couldn't be proven then there is no evidence. A con, by himself, is not going to hold up against any lawyer worth a damn.

    If we aren't doing anything wrong, then neither of these coaches will be fired until the NCAA rules on the subject. CNS is far from stupid. Neither will be fired.

    You could be right...but then again, you could be completely wrong. Remember what I said about Saban not giving these guys a vote of confidence. Look at what Saban didn't say. He didn't say things like "I've known these guys for X years, they have impeccable records, they do things the right way, I have the utmost confidence in them, etc., etc." Saban will no doubt have his own conversations with them, in fact he probably has already begun, and if he gets the slightest inkling that they are involved or that perhaps they were less than truthful in the interview process, don't be surprised if he cuts them loose immediately and far ahead of any NCAA ruling. The amount of money required to buy out their contracts is pocket change for our football program. Plus, no one here knows the wording of their contracts vis-a-vis NCAA allegations.

    You don't really think Nick Saban is going to wait on an NCAA investigation before he conducts his own, do you?