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Plus 1 discussion

  • I personally am for an 8 team playoff, but at this point I'll take the Plus 1 model. However, let's not kid ourselves and think that would solve anything at all. This year would have had #1 LSU vs #4 Stanford, and us against #3 Ok State. What that means is that the exact same arguments that are being made today, would still be made. Boise State (or whatever lame non-AQ school goes undefeated) would still be left out, and Oregon would be left out, despite the fact that they beat Stanford and won their league.

    Also, all the people that talk about us not winning our conference have no basis either. Ok State won a regular season conference championship because their awful league doesn't have enough teams for a championship game. So then are we basing it on reg season champ, or championship game winner (this is another reason AQ's need to be gotten rid of). One more example to that point...Notre Dame would never be allowed to play for a NC since they aren't in a conference and thus cannot win a conference championship.

    I know I might be oversimplifying but I'm trying to use logic to make a point. I get so frustrated reading and watching the media complain without a realistic solution. I don't know what the solution is either, but I know I watched the best team in the country beat the second best team in the country last night. Roll Tide!

  • What you said. It was a lot.

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  • BamaLivesFootba

    I can't remember which ESPN analyst it was on Gameday,I think it was Mark May,but he said plus one for years when its needed. I definitely can agree with that. There is no need for extra games---except money,which should not be a factor in determining a national champion---when they are not needed.

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  • Can I get "8 teams with no AQs" for $1000, Alex?

  • scottchap

    I think it was Clay Travis, piss poor source but he said it, on the roundtable radio said Monday that he thinks with this new BCS TV deal with ESPN we will get a plus 1 for 8 years then the next TV deal he predicts we will further expand the playoffs.

    The big thing I want to see is for us to go back to traditional bowl tie ins when places like the Sugar don't have a BCS game. I would much rather see Georgia play someone in New Orleans than that crap the Sugar gave us this year.

  • Eight teams don't deserve the chance to be national champs - plus 1 is the best way .

  • No matter what, someone is going to feel like they got left out and some bleeding heart media idiot who never played football, let alone organized sports past 9th grade is going to feel like Little Sisters of the Poor belongs on the same field with the big boys. This year Boise, Oregon, TCU, Houston, Stanford, OSU, Bama all had an argument (not that I agree with all the arguments) to be in the top 2, 4. 8, etc.

    IMHO, the NCAA needs to encourage some conference realignment...Boise playing in the Big East...really!?!?! Then, if your conference doesn't have an average strength of schedule of X, you don't deserve to play in a "BCS Bowl". I always hated that Miami didn't really have to play anybody all year when they were in the Big East when others had a much tougher Strength of Schedule. I'd do away with this automatic qualifier stuff too. If the SEC can put 3-4 teams in the BCS and the winner of the ACC is only 10-4, an average ACC team shouldn't trump a better program. If the lessor conferences would toughen up, and even some of them dissolve, you'd essentially have a playoff during the regular season.

    And another thing, is having a few shared titles such a bad thing? It doesn't happen that often. But if you and I have a race, we can actually tie the's happened in the Olympics on more than one occasion in swimming and track...and both winners won Gold. Indycar racing has actually had a dead tie.

    I'm a traditionalist and love the pageantry of the Bowls, especially the traditional ones (Sugar, Rose, Orange, Cotton, Peach, Liberty, Independence, etc), but I think we need to get rid of this entitlement stuff.