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Questions for Staff: Day-to-Day Operations

  • Just some quick questions on how you guys interact with each other and how some of the standing articles are developed (e.g. nuggets, etc.). Since 24/7 comprises over 50 boards from each major conference and other areas, I did a bit research and noticed many boards follow their own path or have their own culture in place (e.g. types of written articles, FSU board only allowing members of that board post, etc.).

    1) Is there a plan to make all boards contain the same or similar content? Do you think there will ever be no restrictions across all boards on posting privileges for paying members?

    2) Also, how often do you guys meet and talk about the happenings of recruits, the game, the boards themselves, etc.? Do you guys have a conference call once a week or something?

    Just wondering how ideas and information is spread from one board journalist/mod to another (the Bama and Auburn guys talking about a particular recruits). I would imagine there are some very funny conversations among you guys. For example, how in the world did Gerry Hamilton think the title "High Point Snatch" would go unnoticed, especially with this group. Some one also posted in that very epic thread some one posted "Ball State Snags Two" or something like that. Very funny, epic things! Just thinking those would be a funny topics to discuss on a conference call. Thanks in Advance!

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  • Chris Walsh

    I can answer a little bit of the second question, a lot of times with recruits it just happens to be the guy who gets him and then our guys share/swap info. Considering how aggressive our guys are in pursuing recruits and the news there's obviously a lot of content so some overlaps.

    We actually do have a conference call every week to go over 247 stuff.

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