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Rank teams we have played for a NC in your life you remember

  • Rank the teams Bama has played for NC games that you actually remember and how you remembered those teams we played.

    1. 1992 - Miami. Without a doubt this was the biggest monster team I believe we ever played and smoked for a NC. Anyone who remembers the 92 season has to remember how dominate the U was back then. They were not only the team no one wanted to play, but they were the team alot of teams feared to play because they were almost like messing around with a trained killer. Bama utterly dominated this team and with the blowout win help bring about the end of the U!

    2. 2011 - LSU. Very strong team that got exposed with a great game plan and awesome defense.

    3. 1979 - Penn State. I remember some of this game as a 13 yr old and They were a pretty strong team and played with class.

    4. 2009 - Texas. This could have been a very interesting game had McCoy not gotten hurt. Texas with McCoy was pretty strong on offense and this could have been a very tight game. But again Bama seized the day, McCoy couldnt take a hard hit and Bama rolled,

    5. 2012 - Notre Dame. This along with the Miami game was the most enjoyable to watch. Utter domination and blowing out ND. I am one of the large masses of Bama fans that loves to hate ND because they are ND and growing up thats all you heard. ND everything. Bama fans of today dont realize how bad it was. It was awful and ND fans were it seemed under every rock and would crawl out just to mess with Bama. They most certainly had the media in their pockets, way beyond what it was like for this NC game.
    ND getting smoked was nothing but pure joy! But overall the only time it was even close in this game was at the coin toss. ND did win that, but it was all downhill from there!

    6. 1980 Arkansas ; I remember Mr cotton mouth himself, the Lou roaming the sidelines with a pretty decent Arkansas team that played Bama a bit close, but this one was never really in doubt.

    Those are the games I remember, I was alive for the 1973 ND game but dont remember it, but I do remember the deep resentment of family members and my first cousin who eventually went and played for Bama for the 1978 and 1979 teams, and it stuck.

  • 1. 1971 Nebraska. Whoever is #2 is a distant 2nd.

    The only time we've been absolutely dominated in a national championship game. It was over almost before it started. My one vivid memory is the Johnny Rodgers punt return. 1971 was before free substitution came along, so unless there was a change of possession, on any given down...including 4th down punts and FG could only bring on two subs. Obviously one would be the punter. Imagine punting to Tyrann Matthieu, and having to rely on Fluker, Kouandjio, Warmack, and Jones to get downfield and cover. That's what it looked like to watch John Hannah, Jim Krapf, and Buddy Brown try to make a play on Johnny Rodgers.

    1972 Orange Bowl Classic - Nebraska 38 - Alab

    Huskers Win Second Straight Title A match up between top-ranked Nebraska and No.2-ranked Alabama was billed as the Huskers...

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  • Amen. As i watched us run by and over ND Monday night I thought about being on the other end of that kind of ass whipping in 1971. I think that game was what finally convinced Coach Bryant he had to go big on Defense. I think we started 190 lb. Terry Rowell at nose guard and probably averaged about 210 on our front seven. Nebraska ran over us around us and through us. It was a good indicator of how far we had to go to be elite, just like Monday night did for ND.