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SIAP: Recent Update for Mobile/Tablet Users?

  • Just noticing a few subtle changes... drop downs look different, anything else?

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  • Lucky

    UPDATED: 12:40: That is a new "Follow Board" feature for the mobile site. Users can also upvote or downvote a post without a page refresh.

    Today's code push will allow us to soon build reputation systems (earn badges and free time) and all things user and account related.

    Here's parts of a note I sent to the publisher's last night.


    Pubs and Staff,

    Please note that tonight at midnight CST the 247Sports engineering group will have a major code push. We will take the site down at midnight sharp and expect it to be offline for 3-4 hours. Please see the following notes:

    -- Tonight's code push is Phase 3 of a four part infrastructure code rewrite. We have previously released (1) Player database, (2) articles/home pages, with (3) user/account scheduled to release tonight. The final infrastructure code push is (4) message boards and we have a preliminary release date during 2nd QTR 2013.

    -- Once all four phases have been rewritten, we will be able to aggressively release new products (feed, reputations/ area51 stuff, etc). We have several exciting enhancements planned for 2013 that we believe will shape our industry for years to come. Once we get closer to completion of the message board rewrite (phase 4), we will begin giving more details about our future plans.

    -- Tonight's "user/account" code push has been planned for this date for the past two months. It was important to release this code set (phase 3) during the low traffic times and have all of the minor bugs worked out before traffic picks up early next week.

    -- Once user/account rewrite (phase 3) has been released and debugged, the 247Sports engineering team will spend all of January on performance testing and site stability for the high traffic week leading up to National Signing Day.

    -- Even though we will not build new major infrastructure products until all four phases are complete, our engineering team will continue to release smaller new products during the first 2 quarters of 2013, just as they did during 2012. Even though we are taking the time to build our future system, we still think it is important to give the users new smaller products along the way. Just a few on the early docket include (1) player scouting reports (2) rankings history for prospects, (3) XXXXXXXXX and continued (4) mobile enhancements.

    -- Remember, XXXXXXX chose to release a new infrastructure all at once and failed miserably, having to revert back to their old system a week into the release. We (247Sports) have been releasing our state of the art infrastructure over the course of the past year and hope to complete development over the next several months and move on to new product releases. This approach has allowed us to release new products along the way (player database, Timeline, 247Composite, Mobile features, etc) and still maintain a highly stable system.

    While XXXXX rewrite has been a disaster, to the best of our knowledge XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Based on a decade's + experience, we do not believe anyone is capable of building/re-engineering/rewriting a robust team site infrastructure in less than a year and most believe it is a two year process from start to finish. The bottom line is that we are getting close to being 75-80% complete with the network infrastructure and once completed, our ability to build and quickly release new products will be unparralled in our industry.

    This may not be a big deal right now, but this is going to be a critical element in competing over the next decade.

    Please bear with us and we apologize for any inconveniences that may come up. We are spending millions to build the best team site platform in the world and we need your support when questions and comments come up on the message boards. We are getting close to the good stuff, but we need your help in communicating our message and keeping users excited about our future and our focus to give them a great product.

    *** ONE LAST NOTE: Please be on the look out for any users that have wacky characters/symbols in their usernames. We are removing those characters and modifying their names. They can email with their three name choices and we will fix/convert. Please help manage this on the boards as these questions come up.

    Thanks, Shannon

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    247Sports and BOL updates:

  • rollingtide2004

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  • Lucky

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    247Sports and BOL updates:

  • rollingtide2004

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  • Lucky

    There's so much stuff we are going to build once we get our infrastructure complete.

    Here's just a few smaller projects we've previously announced that we will be getting to in early 2013.

    *** Different type's of message board and content feeds
    *** Earn badges with post views & upvotes
    *** Earn free time to your memberships through upvotes, views and more actions
    *** Charting a prospect's ranking history (including 247Composite)
    *** Detailed scouting reports
    *** Apps & Tablet views foe mobile
    *** College Player Ratings (extension of the high school player recruiting ratings)
    *** College Player Rating Index that rolls into a "College Team Index" (index of teams with the most college talent ... index of college teams with the highest rated recruits coming out of high school)

    These are just a few of the small things soon to release. We have 3 major builds for 2013 that I can't talk about -- and I mean major! We've done a lot over the past 2+ years, but we really haven't started building yet. Everything we've done this far -- with a few exceptions like the #247Composite, etc -- are just infrastructure/common builds.

    We are just two years into this business and just now reaching a point where we can do the things that we have planned to do from the start -- the new innovations that led us to get back into this industry in the first place.

    It's a great time to be at 247Sports. I am extremely excited about the next decade of what we plan to offer our users and sports fans in general. No promises, but we are going to give it our best shot.

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    247Sports and BOL updates:

  • Thanks Lucky for your quick and detailed response. Wasn't sure if the changes I had seen were due to BOL or my iPad. Since the iO6 update, graphics on some web pages go a little haywire.

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