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SIAP-UGA player attempted eye gouge

  • I thought Murray was fair game when Dial hit him, so it was definitely not a personal foul. However, it could easily have been called helmet to helmet even though there didn't seem to be any intent.

    I definitely saw the eye poke. Danielson made a reference about catching your kids fighting and alluded to the fact that you never see the first punch. That was a dirty play. It seemed like Rambo was extending tackles to try to roll ankles or twist knees but that is the only other dirty play that I saw.

    I'm not going to label UGA dirty because of a few guys. Otherwise LaMichael Fanning's breaking a Mizzou player in half would make our entire team dirty. I don't think there is anything going on team-wide with UGA. Just my opinion.

    This post was edited by Bama2523 16 months ago