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Reply (Chris Burke) mocks first 40 picks, 5 from Bama (link)

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    Chance Warmack
    Alabama, senior
    6-2, 317
    You want him to pass block? Fine. Warmack will drop on his strong base, move his feet and keep pressure off the quarterback. Rather he set up the run game? Even better. Whichever teams drafts Warmack might wind up with one of the league's elite maulers in the trenches.

    Dee Milliner
    Alabama, junior
    6-1, 198
    A slight bump for Milliner from 3.0 to 4.0, up from No. 6. Why? Because I'm more convinced than ever that Milliner is easily this draft's top prospect at an extremely critical position. There are a number of capable corners behind him, but none on his level.

    D.J. Fluker
    Alabama, senior
    6-5, 339
    Fluker has been either 25 or 26 on each of the past three Big Boards. He really would be hard-pressed to play left tackle in the pros, and may have to accept a shift to a guard spot, at least in his rookie season.

    Eddie Lacy
    Alabama, junior
    5-11, 231
    I keep inching Lacy closer and closer to top-32 standing here -- I believe he will be the first running back off the board and that could happen late in Round 1. He would be a terrific fit on a team trying to round out a playoff roster with a reliable back.

    Jesse Williams
    Alabama, senior
    6-3, 323
    We've talked a lot about the value of players with versatility throughout this draft process, and Williams scores points there. He should be a discussed prospect for every team in need of a promising talent up front, whether in a 3-4 or 4-3 setup.

    2013 NFL Draft Big Board 4.0 - NFL - Chris Bu

    There will be some adjustments to the Big Boards as we move closer to the 2013 NFL Draft (and there are some in this version), but the days of major movement are more or less gone, barring an arrest or injury to this year's prospects.

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