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Sick of hearing about hit on Murray...

  • bleedscrimson18

    When a QB throws an INT, he becomes just like a RB, OL, WR, or TE... They should have their head on a swivel.. Verne and Gary kept trying to make Dial out like he was a thug or something... Hey guys, it is football, you can NOT make a tackle without leading with your Damn head it is the first part of your body when you are making a tackle, unless you want to put flags on these boys and let's start the NCFFA.. National College Flag Football Association.... Should their be a rule that after an interception that the QB has to immediately run to his sideline so he gets out of the way and does not get hit?

    They sure didn't talk NEAR AS MUCH ABOUT the helmet to helmet contact to AJ down on the goal line...

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