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Some thoughts on the Michigan Game

  • I know this is not an original topic, but just wanted to put some stuff out there to see what you guys think.

    The Good...

    Offensive Line - Absolutely love this group! I told my buddy on Alabama's 1st offensive play there was a surge up the middle. Although Lacy ran it only for a couple yards, I could clearly see we had the advantage at the point of attack. God these guys are good. When we look back on this 2012 group, we'll see that 4 of the 5 guys were drafted in the 1st round with Kouandjio being a top 5 pick.

    Dee Milliner - I know it's one game, but he may be the best cover corner Saban has had at Bama. This guy's ball skills are really good! If it wasn't for Jerry's slippery turf, he would have had the perfect outing. His progression under Saban is thing of beauty to watch, which I have since the day he opted to play at Bama.

    Runningbacks - We are indeed 4 deep! And right now IMHO, Yeldon is the best of the lot! And I love the way Nussmeier is using Fowler. Can you imagine being a player who gets mop up duty one year and the next year is being called upon to play full back and tail back. He has to be on the top of the world right now and I am happy for him.

    Defensive Line - Very discipline in not over pursuing on Denard Robinson. Held him check all game long. I give them full credit for keeping that running game in check and his scrambling.

    The Bad...

    Vinnie - Not going to be popular with you guys, but as the game wore on, I became a bit nervous seeing him coverage. He can bring the hammer on those run plays, but he seems to be lacking in the coverage arena. I understand Lester was not in the game, but the position he plays will still call upon him to be in coverage at some point.

    Belue - Will now be the man that get's picked upon and it was all b/c of that slip. Dee was playing like an All-American, so his slip will be forgiven. But Belue's will make him a target.

    AJ - This is nitpicking here, but there were a few times he ran into the rush versus stepping up in the pocket. I have to go back and look at the film, but you can tell when he's feeling pressure, he ends up trying to get out of the pocket and go around the pressure. Hopefully Nussmeier will drill stepping up in the pocket and this will be an easy fix. Again, nitpicking.

    Nussmeier Playcalling: This is labeled as a good thing for the most part, but it specificully deals with set of plays when we were up 21-0 and were in the red zone. Instead of pounding Michigan into submission by running the ball and going up 28-0, he got cute and we ended up kicking a field goal. Hopefully Saban will ring him in and tell him to finish those drives with your 4-All American offensive lineman and stud runningbacks. Brought back memories of McElwain in his 1st few years.

    Foster: Per Saban last year when asked about kickoff strategy, Saban stated he wished he kicked it in the end zone every time. By that logic, Cade's kicking distance seems to have decreased this year from last and that does not seem to be a part of the overall plan. And I absolutely get nervous when he's kicking for a field goal.


    Talk about reloading with those 4 and 5 stars, guys. I think this team can be really good. I don't think we're going to have that stingy 2011 defense, but they will definitely be top 3 or 5. Our offense will murder teams if they are not able to put the Bama running game in check. I now expect us to beat Arkansas soundly (2 touchdowns), although it may be a bit of a shoot out in the begining. At this point, I think we are where we need to be. Michigan is a good team, but they were never going to threaten Bama on both sides of the ball. So as long as this team cleans up those needless penalties and those passing breakdowns, we should be golden going into our matchup with LSU.


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  • 1tide

    Still gotta see how team responds in a real road game. I think they will do very well. But in 2010 we killed some teams with depth. Then won a squeaker at Arky & got lit up by Stephen Garcia. We know what we r walking into when we go to Baton Rouge. But it's the road games at Mizzou & UT that we need to focus on imo. Because talent wise they r inferior teams. In which our guys could just think we can show up & win. simply put...If this team shows up it the right frame of mind each week. Nobody is gonna beat them. But we know each year we can have those 1 or 2 games that we might not be as focused. It's those games that will make or break the season. RTR

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  • IMO, we need a healthy Lester to beat Arkansas. Michigan had receivers open but Denard couldn't hit them. Tyler Wilson won't have that problem.

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  • On the playcalling, They knew we could pound the ball in so they took the opportunity to work on an area that needs improvement. We won't always be able to just pound it. I also think Vinnie and Belue will be fine. No other qb will have so much time. It's hard for anyone to cover for that long.

  • mrogers0149

    I dont think it's fair to pick on Foster. His numbers will never be good when every fg is from 50 yds out.

  • Foster just can't seem to get it in the end zone, even with 5 extra yards closer.
    Is he just trying to kick it high and short?
    Do we call on Griffith?

  • Good thoughts. I agree with just about everything. The only things that I would add would be a little better pressure on the QB, and I realize our game plan was probably to push the pocket and carefully keep contain on Robinson. Hopefully, we'll get some good pressure next week and against Arky. Also, I'd like to see AJ hit those receivers down field with a little more accuracy. I think that will come as they work together more each week.

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  • THe KO's bugged me but I have to think that its by plan because Foster kicked it out of the endzone in HS kicking from the 40 so surely after 2 years at Bama he can hit it 5 yds deep now kicking from the 35.

    A couple of times our interior OL let AJ get pressured very quickly. Not sure whether UM was stunting or not but I will re-watch it and see what was going on there.

    Gameplan was pretty vanilla which was more than enough for Michigan but I'm beginning to wonder is AJ will ever throw downfield with a goo completion percentage. His numbers are great in the short passing game (w/exception of the shot put to Fowler) but downfield he is usually in the 50% range.

    Without Lester our DB's looked a bit lost but part of that IMO was the strategy of hemming in Robinson but not going all out to pressure him. He can throw the ball a long way and outside of the play where Milliner fell down, they only had one blown coverage. Nick Perry did not look good at all IMO.

    Hard to find negatives in this game but those are things that can be improved. .

  • You do realize that its easy for any decent receiver to get open with almost 5 seconds right? The game plan allowed this to happen. The fact that the d line didn't push but instead played contain meant senses had a lot of time to sit back and wait for receivers to get open. No matter how good a corner is it will be nearly impossible to cover for that long. Our blitz packages and pressure won't allow wilson, bray or any other pocket passer that much time. Bama game plans to take away the other team strengths, u want to guess what Michigan offense strength is? I will help u out, its not Robinson sitting in the pocket passing.

  • I agree with most everything you said. It's tough to be critical of playcalling up 21-0, but I get where you're coming from on that. The entire secondary stayed in coverage for a long time which is asking a lot of any DB. We basically decided to keep DR in the pocket and make him beat us. He hit the two long passes and made some decent throws into the rush. The penalties are easy to correct. I can't understand the kickoffs, but again, it's hard to be critical after a 41-14 win. I'm sure the guys know what they have to work on for next week.

    In Saban we trust. RTR!

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  • This post is for members of BamaOnLine only. Join now! 30-Day Free Trial
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  • Tyler Wilson is no threat to run and won't have the time DR did...Wilson is going down and won't have the time DR did. There's some work to be done on the deep thirds. I've re-watched some of the DR misses of open receivers, perfect throws and they are likely catches, not perfect and we were in position to make hits to dislodge the ball or bat it away. It's week one folks relax, unfortunately for CFB we will improve and mature...pleanty of opportunities to coach guys up.

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  • This... Lots of posters here have more x and o's knowledge than I have, but it should be obvious we had a specific game plan for D Rob... With a defensive line who was able to give our O line fits, how were we suddenly not able to get pressure against a far inferior line in UM? Because we didn't want to. We wanted containment. We will have Tyler Wilson on his back all afternoon and our secondary will only have to cover for a few seconds. We will OWN Arkansas. Another 21+ point victory.

  • I don't believe that the comparison is accurate. The play of the front 7 against Michigan was contain; however against Arkansas they will bring more pressure and the time to throw will be shorter and less time for the QB to throw deep. I believe that the D scheme in Arky game will be more geared to the passing game.

  • agree completely mulestone.

    The speed of this defense is amazing. When they decided to come into the backfield they were there in the blink of an eye.

    Wilson will not soon forget having to be taking out of the last game. That will be in the back of his mind while he's playing with his grandkids. Just ask Gino Torretta.