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Staff or anyone?? Anyone compare/contrast our 4 RB's for '13

  • Staff or anyone who might can help...can you compare/contrast the 4 RB's? (Henry, Tenpenny, Jones, and Kamara) Is one a speed guy, one a between the tackles guy, one a slot guy, etc.? I don't know much about them and am not good at seeing through the lines to see what kind of RB they will be for us.

  • My take from reading what others have posted is that Kamara is an all-purpose guy who can catch out of the backfield and has a real quick burst but maybe not the elite Harvin-like top end speed. Where Henry is the sledgehammer back but with enough athleticism to make a few cuts and potenetially find another position like H-back. Jones is the purest runner as far as vision, instincts and cutting ability while Tenpenney is a physical downhill runner more in the mold of Trent Richardson. Somebody like BBD can write in much greater detail and may not agree with my "Readers' Digest" synopsis.

  • Tenpenny-if not for derrick Henry he would be the best athelete in the country. Incredible quickness and speed. He doesn't face the best competition in high school and is a bit raw as a RB prospect. The clay is their to mold though, and he has an extremely high ceiling
    Henry-Just a beast of a man. We're talking about a 6-3 245lb guy with a 42 inch vertical and 4.4 40. Might be the biggest freak athelete to come out in many years. Most productive back in the history of high school football. Needs to work on his pad level, but if he can improve that there's no telling how good this guy will be.
    Tyren Jones-the most polished of the 4 RBs. He runs with incredible vision elusiveness, and balance. Also breaks a lot of tackle while facing some of toughest competition in the country in high school. His 5-9 200lb body type is being seen more and more in the NFL. Reminds many of Mark Ingram
    Alvin Kamara-what makes him special is his burst. He explodes like a cannon through the hole, and can make cuts without losing any speed. He has tremendous balance and runs much better between the tackles than you would think. Great receiving skills too. Dominated some of the toughest competition in the country in high school.

  • I rewatched all their film last night just for shagrins.

    Kamara - looks the fastest on film, great hands better than most WR prospects. Also showcased his speed by getting to the edge at the UA game when the Defense knew what play was coming. I think he's good enough to be an every down back or a slot WR/3rd down back. Wouldn't be surprised to get him Cyrus Jones type playing time next year.

    Henry - What's a bit strange on film to me is that for his size, he doesn't really run like a power back. I think we'll probably see the biggest improvement in this area in the spring. He has the ideal measurables for a LB, but I really think he fits in better as a RB/FB/HB after watching the AA game. I think he could be an everydown back as well. I'd like to see more film showing better hands.

    Jones - Great feet and burst. Fits the mold of the prototypical Bama back. Does everything really well and probably the most well-rounded RB at this stage IMO.

    Tenpenny - Also fits more of the mold of the prototypical Bama back. The more I watch his film, the more I like. I think he's more of a speed than power but definitely runs with both. Reminds me of a one cut and downhill runner.

    Think Kamara/Henry get PT on special teams and in the offensive rotation whether at RB/SlotWR/HB. I'll be curious to see Kenyon Drake can hold Jones/Tenpenny off as one of them I think RS and the other plays for depth. He is definitely talented enough to.

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  • Jos Mit

    How about this in one class?

    Ingram - Tyren Jones
    Yeldon - Derrick Henry
    Richardson - Altee Tenpenny
    Keith Marshall - Alvin Kamara

    No those are not who I would compare them to, but as in their style and using modern day athletes that is the best I got.

    I only put Yeldon and Henry comparable because of their unique height and that "it" factor that both have.

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  • Jos Mit

    I agree with alot of this..I think Henry sticks at RB forever. I think he also changes the game and will have everyone going nuts about how big he is playing RB. He does not show much power in his HS film because he didnt have to use it much, but when i saw him make 5* LB Jaylon Smith look like a rag doll for his TD in the Army game I didnt question his strength.

    I do think Kamara plays a role on ST this next year, and that Tyren Jones could have a Kenyon Drake type impact next year. I think Tenpenny will be RS, and mainly because the speed of the game will be so much a difference. Also he has been injury prone and staying healthy while building stamina is key to his future.

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  • I haven't watched much film on Tenpenny or Jones really, but I have watched plenty of D Henry highlights and he just looks like a man amongst boys in his tape. I also watched bits and pieces of the UA game and saw a lot of snaps that Kamara was taking and he also looked explosive like everyone is saying. The best part about all of this is the versatility we will have at the position as well as the competition that will force these guys to bring their A games EVERY day in practice let alone game day.

    We have 8 running backs that can all contribute in a huge way next year. Pretty darn good problem to have. The only one who is not an underclassman is Fowler, which blows my mind. As great is this class is I feel like a lot of us overlook the existing talent they're competing with. I think Yeldon is special don't get me wrong I'm not taking anything away from his accomplishments this season, but if Dee Hart and Nudie don't go down he simply doesn't get as many opportunities as he did down the stretch last year. I really feel for Dee Hart. The kid looked like he was finally clicking in the Ole Miss game before his injury, and to see him suffer another one was heartbreaking. I also REALLY liked what Drake showed last year I thought he had tremendous burst, and for a guy who started the year 5th on the depth chart he put up some solid rushing numbers behind backup linemen.

    All that being said I hope all of these guys get a chance at some point or another this season to show us fans what they've got!

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