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Statistical comparison between 2011 and 2012

  • I wrote this as a response to a thread on tBB, but I felt it would be useful as its own thread here:

    Defensive Stats per game
    Total D-------------183.62---203.13
    Rush D--------------72.15-----57.25
    Pass D-------------111.46---145.88
    Pass Eff D---------83.69-----86.62
    Scoring D-----------8.15-------8.13
    Turnover Margin---.62--------2.13

    You can see we are giving up 20 more yards per game but are more stout against the run, thus forcing teams to pass more. Pass D is giving up 30 more yards, but Pass Efficiency D is more important, and we're within 3 points. Scoring D is basically the same, and we've given up more points with the 2/3s on D than last year, because we've had more games completely in hand early than last year. We are playing almost entire quarters with 0 starters on the field and have given up probably 1/3 of our points that way. Turnover margin is a huge one - we're WAYYY better in that category.

    Other categories of improvement from last year:
    Total O-------------429.62----436.38
    Pass Eff O---------142.52----184.75 (huge difference)
    Scoring O-----------34.85-----40.63

    Our average punting and net punting has improved. Our FG kicking has improved with no misses inside 43 yards and several hits from beyond 50.

    So while the defense has basically stayed even, our offense and special teams have improved significantly, so we're more complete across the board. Some offensive stats will likely suffer this week, but our defensive stats may actually improve overall (all except rush D).

  • GooPhi

    Excellent post and great stats. Thanks for posting.