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  • It was only a few weeks back in the summer when a few people got a little upset when it was reported that Bo had delayed his announcement, was being courted by RF to take a visit to the barn and announced that UGA was his leader. Reactions varied from “I’m not worried” to panic and anger and even a few "if he wants to go then let him" types of responses. We also saw a similar response when RN committed to Clemson and RF de-committed to us. Now fast forward….. we have Bo and DW solidly on board with their looks like RN's mother is stepping in and not happy with Clemson (and we all know that "if Mama aint happy... aint nobody happy") so the RN saga is still "in play" and far from over. The barn is imploding right before our eyes (as many predicted it would) and the “green grass syndrome” (or any other grass for that matter) that some recruits were being sold and attracted to is now being exposed for what it really is.…idle words and promises….and it doesn’t look nearly as good to them right now as it did only a few months ago. And here we sit with 4…yes, 4 -five star recruits...LT, DH, VB, RF along with several 4- stars that have us at the top of their list.

    Bama's win against Michigan quickly brought all of our target recruits back down to reality in regard to comparing programs, evaluating their future and considering what's best for them in the long run. This time of the year cuts out all of the nonsense we saw with recruits from May- August because now it gets "real" and there is so much on the line...i.e. football performance (stock), potential injuries, early enrollment…etc. It’s a real wake-up call. Who saw TJY’s decision coming this time last year?

    My opinion is this....right now we have the greatest program and coaching staff in the country that can provide players with the best opportunity to experience their full potential. Upper echelon recruits know this and so do their parents. There's nothing that speaks louder than success and everybody wants to be associated with it. Ultimately, in the end...emotion will subside and recruits will look at what is best for them and their future and they will determine whether or not they want to work hard to achieve their goals. If they do then it’s a “no brainer” and they’ll end up saying “Roll Tide” regardless of the pressures (LC). But they also know that the longer they wait the greater the chance that opportunity could go away.

    So I'm not worried about the antics of recruits...the summer is one thing....the fall season is another. Recruits that were playing the recruiting “game” during the summer are looking our way again because of what we produce…success. Do we want them? That’s up for debate. But I’m certain that CNS knows exactly what he's doing and who he wants. He’s selective because he can be. It’s not always a matter of whether or not a recruit wants us as much as it is whether or not CNS wants the recruit. His track record speaks for itself. As a result I couldn't be more relaxed right now regarding our recruiting class. So everybody take a “chill pill” and relax and just wait and see where we end up......again.

    Sit back and enjoy the process!
    Roll Tide Roll!!!