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Telling Comments from Coach Grant

  • Here is an excerpt from an article about Releford's injury.

    We've got a variety of guys that are capable of going in there and doing a good job for us," Grant said. "I'm more concerned with what we do on the defensive end, making sure we understand what we've got to be able to do defensively to give ourselves the best chance to win.

    "Offensively, it comes down to taking care of the basketball. I think we've got enough good players, if we share the basketball and play together, I feel comfortable that we'll be able to have offensive success."

    These comments do not get me too excited about the rest of our season. The 2 losses that are really killing us are Mercer(59-66) and Tulane(50-53). Defense did not lose those 2 games. The fact that we had stretches where we couldn't score is what beat us.Our defense certainly kept it close but good offense would have blown both of these teams out. I know it is hard to come up with an offense when you don't have much of a low post threat but this pound the ball in the floor and throw up a shot with the shot clock winding down is getting old. I just think this team needs to play fast, take some hurried shots, and get the pace going.

    I hope somehow we can find a way to win in Starkville and just keep getting better.

  • A One

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  • Interesting angle Michael. Unfortunately, it might be true. However, CAG isn't happy with were the team's D is ranked in the SEC standings and to me, that was the context he was talking in, so you thoughts are taking hims words out of context somewhat, but something in my gut still says, maybe you are not. The reason we rank so low at only 2 SEC games mostly has to do with the Mizzou game and how well they Mizzou shot the ball from deep, especially Jabbri Brown. I thought our defense was pretty good against UcheaT. If we play similarily on D at State, that should give us a chance to win, if the guys can put some points on the boad and don't have a long drought of scoring in each half. Expect to see State switch defenses a lot during tomorrow night's game and without TRelly, adjusting to different defenses becomes more difficult. Let's hope TRelly somehow recovers in time to go tomorrow night, if not, then the next man is up, with Lacey & Retin probably getting the most minutes at the point. RTR!!!

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