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The key to the game...

  • IMO Bama will win this game in the passing game. I fully believe we will be balanced on offense but after looking at the statistics I believe we have an advantage in throwing the ball. This is based on the opposing defenses that Bama and UGA will face in this game and not so much on their offensive stats on the year. Take a look at these numbers and you will see... (National ranking in parenthesis)

    Passing Defense:
    (3) Bama 156.7 YPG
    (9) UGA 174.4 YPG

    Passes Defended:
    (25) Bama 16 int 49 PBU
    (91) UGA 10 int 36 PBU

    (26) Bama 30
    (56) UGA 24

    Opponent Long Passing Plays:
    10+ Yds
    (3) Bama 66
    (10) UGA 80

    20+ Yds
    (7) Bama 26
    (7) UGA 26

    30+ Yds
    (23) Bama 12
    (45) UGA 15

    40+ Yds
    (28) Bama 6
    (82) UGA 9

    UGA is poor statistically in passes defended and are suspect to give up big plays. I think if we can stay balanced the play action passing game could give us some open looks down the field. I was also suprised to see that UGA only has 24 sacks on the season. Hopefully this translates to our OLine giving AJ plenty of time to find the open receiver.

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  • It is also worth mentioning that UGA is 69th in rushing defense giving up 163.42 per game. In comparison Bama gives up 77 YPG and ranks 2 nationally in rushing defense. These opponents seemed to have success running the ball on UGA:

    Opponent Att Yards Avg. TD
    Buffalo 45 199 4.42 2
    Tennessee 40 197 4.93 3
    South Carolina 51 230 4.51 2
    Kentucky 43 206 4.79 2
    Ga. Southern 58 302 5.21 2
    Georgia Tech 67 306 4.57 1

    The more I look at this game on paper the more I believe we can win comfortably if we take care of the ball.

    This post was edited by dsmith0918 20 months ago

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  • Score one more point than Georgia and when should win unless you ask the Georgia fans. Then there is a chance we might lose.