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The last 6 spots...

  • Some recruiting thoughts on our last 6 spots. I know there are names out there that I left off and some positions could be different, but here is my quick breakdown.

    Current 2013 Class:

    DE (1): Walker
    DT (1): Page
    LB (2): Allen, Jones
    CB (1): Smith
    S (1): Averett

    QB (2): Bateman, McLeod
    WR (2): Falkins, Stewart
    RB (3): Tenpenny, Jones, Henry
    OL (3): Hill, Brown, Bozeman
    TE (2): Howard, McNeil

    ST (1): Maza

    -6 Defensive commits
    -12 Offensive commits
    -1 ST commit
    -19 total commits
    -6 spots remaining

    Must takes, in my opinon (7): Liner (DT), Bell (S), Conner (S), Tunsil (OL), Foster (WR), Adams (DT), Ramsey (CB)

    Other Targets (13): Beckwith (DE), Bostwick (DE), Hill (DT), Foster (LB), Williams (LB), Cook (CB), White (CB/WR), Alexander (CB), Conner (S), Massington (WR), Kamara (RB/WR), Robinson (OL), Dawson (OL)

    My List:
    1. Tunsil (OL)
    2. Foster (WR)
    3. Liner (DT)
    4. Bell (S)

    I’m not sure about the last two spots.

    It seems to me that we HAVE to get one more CB and either a LB or DL.

    That would leave 10 likely targets for 2 spots: Ramsey (CB), Cook (CB), White (CB/WR), Alexander (CB), Foster (LB), Williams(LB), Beckwith (DE), Bostwick (DE), Adams (DT), Hill (DT)

    If you told me I could have my first 4, then I would say I would be completely happy with Cook and Hill in the last two spots.

    1. Tunsil (OL)
    2. Foster (WR)
    3. Liner (DT)
    4. Bell (S)
    5. Cook (CB)
    6. Hill (DT)

    -10 Defensive commits
    -14 Offensive commits
    -1 ST commit
    -25 Total commits

    -Dont feel great about our chances with Adams, Ramsey, Alexander, Beckwith or Williams.
    -Wouldn't mind taking Massington if we miss on Robert Foster.
    -Not sure how I feel about Reuben at this point.

    What do you guys think?

    This post was edited by BamaMc 19 months ago

  • I feel like we have more than 6 spots left. The fact that Massington and Knevel got offers this weekend says a lot. Whether or not we take Massington depends more than likely on how many spots we have the way it's looking. I think we take those 2 in addition to the 4 you mentioned. If we don't add Massington I think it opens the door for another skill position prospect.

  • yep, forgot about Knevel.

  • I worry about finishing the class with only:


    in the front 7. Walker and Allen are obviously great, but we have to have at least 1 more guy there.

  • Is there a true NT out there? A 6'4''+ 350+ lber? Would love to get another Mount Cody. Looked over the DT we have left on the board and none seem to fit this mold. I know Chapman and Williams have been good though they were not as big, but I felt our interior was much harder to run against when Cody was here.

  • Pretty good analysis. I believe we will take a full class plus 1 back counter for Hill if he doesn't re-commit to us, in which case he would be the 26th man.

    Most of our remaining needs are on defense, and I see us taking at 4 to 5 there. The last 2-3 spots will be for a WR , at least one OL and possibly an Athlete that could play on either side of the ball.

    The final 7 should come from these two dozen prospects:

    QB Waters
    RB Kamara
    TE Henry
    OT Tunsil, Golson or Knevel
    OG Hill or Dawson
    WR Foster or Massington
    DE Liner, Williams
    DT Adams, Robinson or Bostwick
    MLB Foster
    OLB Beckwith, Thomas
    CB Ramsey, Alexander, White, or Cook
    S Bell, Conner

    I think we get Tunsil, Bell, Hill, Liner and Rob Foster. That eliminates the rest of the OL and WR. Henry looks firm to Arkansas. We won't have room for Waters unless we ask McLeod to grayshirt or look elsewhere, which I don't see happening. Kamara ends up at Georgia. Williams ends up at LSU or Miami. Adams to Georgia and Robinson stays at Texas.

    That leaves Bostwick, Reuben Foster, Beckwith. Ramsey, Alexander, White, Cook and Conner. Eight prospects vying for two spots. At least one of those spots goes to a DB, and I give the nod to White here. I just think Ramsey will stick to USC, Conner to Ole Miss, and who knows what Alexander will do. Cook has improved his standing, but I think he is still only an option if we miss on the rest.

    That leaves the last spot to be filled by either Bostwick, Foster or Beckwith, and my gut says the staff makes all the right moves to bring Foster back in the fold. So here is my prediction on who we end up with.

    OT- Laremy Tunsil
    OG- Brandon Hill
    WR- Robert Foster
    DE- Dee Liner
    LB- Reuben Foster
    CB- Marquez White
    S- Vonn Bell

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  • Great analysis Crimson2theCore. LB Foster could be problematic but I'll gladly take your final seven and call it a wrap. It's thrilling every year to close with 4 and 5 star guys. It wasn't that long ago when 3 stars were the norm. CNS and staff are doing a great job.