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The state of the Basketball Program

  • You do realize Alabama averaged 10,983 per game last year which is 35th in the country in total attendance? And that only 4 SEC teams had more fans in the seats than we had? Or that we actually outdrew Florida, who somehow manages to put out a pretty good basketball produce, must have nothing to do with Florida having a compent coach.

    We also outdrew the following ACC schools Virgina, Florida State, Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Georgia Tech. Nope none of these ACC schools have good basketball, wait, some of them do.

    Most schools not named, Kentucky or North Carolina have issues drawing crowds during November and December, not just us. Heck, Arkansas is considered to have great fan support and I saw one of their early games on TV this year and their gym looked 40% empty.

    Fan support is not our main problem, it never was. We just keep comparing our fan suport to football where we are the best in the country and sell out every football game. But when it comes to fan support last year we was 35th in the country, that isn't to shabby for a "football" school.

    Oh and btw, in case you decide it's not the size of our crowds that is the problem but how loud they are. Coleman gets rocking when the team plays well and not a boring put you to sleep basketball. I have been to Coleman when it was dead and when it was rocking, the difference was in the quality of the play of the team that insprired the crowd to have something to cheer about.

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  • You're right about Florida. They averaged less than 5,000 per game for the first five home games this season...and that included games against Marquette and Wisconsin. They have only sold 4,100 season tickets.

    This article below puts us at 3rd last year in terms of sales to capacity...only behind Kentucky and Vandy...but at 93.8% that must surely be tickets sold and not actual fannies in the seats. I think that midweek games are always going to be tough to fill.

    We're probably stuck with Coleman. Sure, improvements have been made, but it is a relic. The seats get way too far away from the court the higher you go. Contrast it with the design of the BJCC, which has over 2,000 more seats but still manages to have seats up in the nosebleed sections much more on top of the action than Coleman. It your at the top on the sidelines at Coleman, you're a heckuva long way from the game. But I don't know if it would be cost effective to build a new arena. I think we need one, but I would certainly not have any educated guess on how long it would take to pay for itself.

    Gators see spaces in the crowd | Gatorsports.

    It started as a quiet December night when Florida faced Southeastern Louisiana at the O'Connell Center.

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  • Here's another shocker from that article:

    "A Chronicle of Higher Education analysis published last March revealed one in five men's college basketball programs have seen attendance dip by 20 percent or more over the last four seasons. Earlier this month, a game between marquee programs Texas and UCLA at 71,500-seat Reliant Stadium in Houston was played before 2,797 fans."

  • I don't care what you say. The crowds at U of A basketball games suck and are really smaller than the stated attendance, irrespective of the published average attendance. BTW, if our 10,000+ plus fans are really present at the games, they suck the life out of the players and staff. Regarding the games that have been televised , the BAMA crowd SUCKS compared to other universities.

    You DAMN local fans NEED to help the program. They need your help. Create an atmosphere that will allow the team and program to prosper. Create an atmosphere that will help sell elite recruits on the program. If Coach Grant doesn't change, the situation will change without his participating in the process. He will be following the moving truck leaving his home with ALL of his sh!t packed inside.

    Hell, if Coach Grant won't create an atmosphere, the STUDENTS should do it for players for Coach Grant's benefit. You guys need to have some damn fun...keep it respectable and PG-13.

    UA students take ownership of the program and your college experience!!! WE used to pack Coleman Coliseum when I was there 1985-90. WE were crazy and wild and energetic. WE had arguably the best football and basketball recruiting weekends in the SEC.

    In the end, the students and local fans get to choose. You guys and gals can be a part of the problem or part of the solution. rolltideroll

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