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  • Tide Pride and Tide Totals are the reason our University has the resources to be a championship football team. I am very grateful to those who choose to donate so much of their hard-earned (or inherited) money to our school so we can be a top-notch program.

    Listening to people complain about how only the big donors get BCS tickets pisses me off. I'd much rather have a system that encourages donations rather than some socialized ticket scheme that treats everyone equally. Withholding tickets from big donors would be a disaster. Would people rather have an equal opportunity to buy tickets but be stuck in mediocrity in the Music City Bowl?

    Quit having a myopic, selfish viewpoint and be grateful for those that have given so selflessly.

  • I'll upvote you to make up for the hammering you're about to get.
    I do disagree with UA in that i think the deadline went too long
    I also think the merchandise email that went out 25 minutes later was a huge slap in the face and a marketing faux pas.

    But otherwise i agree with you. And no, i didn't get tickets

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  • I have no problem with the big donors getting the majority of the tickets, but think others in Tide Pride should have at least a chance. Why not take 10% of the total ticket allotment and do them in a lottery for all season ticket holders who didn't make the cutoff? At least it would give us all some hope. Just a thought.

  • The whining illustrates the sense of entitlement a lot of our fans have when it comes to tickets. Its not physically possible for all fans to have a shot at tickets in such limited supply. BCSCG tix are expensive luxury items, like it or not. They aren't going to be distributed by lottery or whatever other ridiculous plans have been brought up. Boo hoo.

    I've been on the waiting list for TP for over 5 years. I have no doubt many people have bought their way ahead of me on the list. Good for them, I could do the same if I chose to, but I'll wait and get my tix from scalpers in the mean time. And I'll pay whatever fair market value is. Or I won't if its not worth it to me. Nobody is obligated to sell them for less than they're worth to help me out.

    If and when I do get in TP, I am positive I will never approach the point level needed to get bowl tickets. Boo hoo for me, I'll be like the other 99.9% of Bama fans.

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  • That sounds good but for the people complaining, unless they are personally guaranteed to get tickets the system is flawed.

  • The other thing I'll add is there really should be some refinement could be made to the upper end allowances. I totally understand the huge amounts of $$ that the big boosters give, but to see 8 tickets go out to some while others who still give thousands/ year get 0 is a bit tough to justify

  • Completely understand the point, I did not get tickets, but it would seem fair to me that those of us who attended the University and love it should get some consideration in the form of point value so we can go to these type of games.

  • TheT12

    I'm in Tide Pride, Alumni Assoc, and Commerce Executives Society (business school donor), and I didn't have a prayer for tickets. I'm good with it, though. I have a friend with a skybox that pours multiple annual salaries (for me) into the program, and I'm pretty sure he might stop if he was treated like he was in the extra point club. Our house has a pretty big maintenance bill, but it's the best one in the neighborhood. biggrin

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  • So if there are 500K Bama loving alumni who want to go to the game, how do you decide who loves it most and gets the few thousand available tickets? There's no "fair" way to do it. Though I do agree maybe limiting the number per person could open it up some.

  • Notre Dame actually has a pretty cool system that I think we could look into replicating (I work closely with an alum who is going to the game and had it explained to me yesterday). There is a separate pool for alums to get season / bowl game tickets and to remain eligible you have to make a certain donation each year, a number that changes according to years since graduation (think that is pretty clever, e.g. for someone who is 26 the amount is a mere $100). As long as you're active you can submit a request for tickets, and according to him you have roughly a 1/4 chance of getting a pair (depends on requests obviously, but that's how he thought it would work out for this game).

    Not perfect, but interesting at least.

  • agree with the 10% lottery idea. season ticket holder for about 5 years now, but no way i'll sniff being offered championship tickets for a long long long time. sucks that the same people get to go to a 3rd championship game and i can't afford to go to any. yes, i'm jealous. and yes, these are remarkable times. but i think at least letting some lower end Tide Pride members have a shot would be a good gesture.

  • Yea, I was about to post the same thing; this is where the work should be done.
    I understand some folks bitterness over not receiving tickets, especially those who have been long time, loyal tide pride folks, but as the OP stated, Tide pride is what enables the university to do so much for its athletic programs, it is second to none. Don't allow that evil word entitlement to creep in to your disappointment because there is no real way to make it fair for everyone, somebody is always going to be left out and this always hurts, I know because I've been on the outside looking in before too.

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    "You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you deserve"

  • I've been in Tide Pride since 1990 when I graduated from Alabama and will be receiving National Championship game tix. That said, I would love to donate to the College of Engineering and get some kind of credit for Tide Pride points. The athletic department won't allow such. I admit that I do feel guilty "donating" to University of Alabma athletics when I know the College of Engineering NEEDS the money for graduate scholarships, etc. It doesn't appear that the athletic program is willling to help academics from that standpoint.

  • You do have the ability to specify where your funds go if your donation is made through Crimson Tradition. There may or may not be some engineering related stuff???

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    "You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you deserve"

  • And still get the points?

  • I donate to crimson tradition every year as we have to, to obtain our third and forth tickets. I honestly don't pay attention to points, so I don't know the answer to your question, but assume so. That donation is automatic and I couldn't specify if I wanted to, but also have regularly donated additional money and drop downs exist if you want to specify a particular scholarship fund you want to donate to. Most you probably wouldn't be able to determine their use by just reading the names, but I am sure you could better understand them by inquiring about them over the phone or via email. The scholarship money is provided to an athlete, but there may be funds designated for athletes seeking engineering degrees.

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    "You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you deserve"

  • I tend to agree with this. I've been fortunate to get tickets to and attend all 3 of the Saban era. That said the average fan is very important to this university and should be considered. The 10% lottery is the best idea yet.

  • I understand your position but just for a second will you consider mine? Read on.

    We sent 2 messages on December 7th and December 11th to the University. Neither was answered. I guess to vent off steam I want to send the condensed version to you in hopes someone will read this and at least admit this was handled poorly.

    ----- Original Message -----
    Cc: ;
    Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 10:44 AM
    Subject: BCS Ticket Allocations

    Dear Coach Moore,

    I have been in love with the University of Alabama since my father taught me, as one of my first words, ROLL TIDE! I remember Saturdays in front of the radio listening to the Alabama games with my family. Back in those days I remember jumping and cheering at every great play by the Tide. Those carefree days soon took a more somber note when I became a single parent in the late sixties, but that did not change my love for the Tide. I was fortunate enough to move to Tuscaloosa and attend a few classes where my love and respect only grew for the University. I will never forget attending my first football game in Tuscaloosa in 1967. It was homecoming and we beat Mississippi State. In my short 18 years of life that was the most exhilarating three hours of my life other than the birth of my son. When I attended the Auburn game in Birmingham that year when the tickets at that time were split fifty fifty, I thought nothing could top the excitement and fun. Since that time I have tried to attend as may games as motherhood, work and my pocketbook would allow.

    I first joined the National Alumni Association of The University of Alabama and back in those days you sometimes could get tickets through them. But in 1987 when the Tide Pride program was initiated I couldn't wait to join. Through the years I have been fortunate enough to remain in the program and the national alumni association, as well as the Tampa Bay chapter where we live now. (By the way you spoke to our chapter several years ago and you were kind enough to allow me to have my picture taken with you. I bragged and bragged about meeting you to neighbors and acquaintances here in Tampa but in Tebow country it was kind of hard to impress. ( You have to feel sorry for them for they know not what they do.) But the point I am making is I have been a loyal supporter that has contributed to the University at the level we could afford. I realize in terms of most contributors I am very low on the totem pole , but I felt honored and privileged to have contributed what I have. It has always made me feel a special part of the University.

    But sadly this past week I don't feel quite as much of a part of the University as I have in the past. The Crimson Tide Club we selected when we joined the program came with some very special perks that we loved. But change is inevitable and we lost most of them. I miss the Spring Game luncheon and listening to our coach speak about the coming year. I miss the fellowship, the "Crimson Girls" greeting you at the the entrance at the tent and Coach Hennessey always smiling and welcoming you in at our pregame meals. (What a lost to the University when Coach Hennessey passed away in 2011). We never got over losing our parking space at the church across from the stadium and our walk now from Gordon Palmer Hall is a testament to our dedication to the game. Oh how we miss our away game trips. Even when we drove back from Fayetteville, Arkansas after a 6 to 42 loss in 1998 we still kept our Bama magnets on our car. Win or lose you can't be a fair-weather fan. But away tickets as you know have not been available to us for about seven years now. Is there a bigger thrill than betting Auburn at Jordan Hare Stadium? We accepted all of the eliminations without comment because we wanted to continue to be supporter of the University regardless of the changes. But we did feel we had no voice that would be listened to by the administrators of the program since our monetary contribution is so small.

    Now the unthinkable to us has occurred. No BCS tickets. I guess this is latest benefit to be struck from our club.
    The original post season ticket request information form listed that two BCS tickets were available for members with our points standing of 473. What a relief we thought. There was a note about availability but that had never been a problem in the past. But December 3rd came and went with no information coming out about the delay. On the 6th we were notified after the close of business that day (5:39 PM) of the decision to award our tickets to fans which I guess have more power and money than us. Now on the Roll Tide web site I see that information for post season tickets has been changed to 501 points and there is no trace of the original document. At least it took three extra days, 36 hours, to convince themselves they were doing the right thing. They were doing what was best for the University by giving our tickets to other more deserving fans. I'm sure they kept thinking of all the good that extra money could do to help the University. And I bet they thought, oh, how generous those fans will be after scoring the ticket of the year. So after three days came the decision that fans with more, lets say assets, should get our tickets even though our club has post season tickets as one of our benefits? I understand there are lots of people who contribute much more than we do and the demand is great for this game. But what happened to the University's commitment to us? I sat by these last twenty five years and silently watched benefit after benefit be eliminated. And now,is this what into it has evolved? I sincerely believe that it was thought after the initial shock and outrage from some members this could be all smoothed over. Just like the past when the parking went away, when we couldn't buy any away game tickets, when we couldn't attend the spring luncheon anymore, when they eliminated the pregame meals. We would just accept our caste in the system and realize this is life and this is how it works.

    I am sure these big dollar supporters who have BCS tickets requested tickets to the Music City Bowl back in 1998 to watch my beloved Tide lose while we all sat in the stands while it sleeted during the entire game? I guess they also requested tickets to the 2001 Independence bowl to watch our team lose while we shivered after making a 451 mile trip just for the privilege to support our Tide. That is a 902 mile round trip. I am sure they also requested tickets for all the games during our lean years of Dubose, Curry and Shula? How many tickets did they buy during the years we were on probation? Do they recall how its feels to be miles and miles from home and the opponents are chanting "parole Tide" as you walk back to your car?

    I wonder how many Senior Banquets they bought tickets for and attended back in the days fans could go to these functions and watch the awards being given out. How many SEC Championship Coaches Luncheons have they attended to support our coach? How many Crimson Caravan dinners have they gone to the last few years. I haven't missed a one and its sometimes pretty hard to do since we live in Tampa. One year we drove to New Orleans to be able to attend one of Coach Saban's stops. How many times back in the day did they go to the airport in Birmingham and welcome the team home after a win or loss after a tough game in a city far away?

    What a mess this has turned into for us and Tide Pride. I know with the standard of excellence the University espouses to hold you cannot be proud of how they handled the allotment of these tickets. I don't and I am sure you don't want to be part of a program that is ALL about the dollar. Isn't there a way you can straighten this out? We are not asking for anything that was not promised back in 1987. I believe you are your word and I have tried to live by that my entire life. They gave their word that post season tickets would be available to our club and they have not kept that commitment to us. That was conveyed to us as recently as a month ago with the post season ticket information.

    I regret this situation has brought at the worst in me. This has been a hard year for us like many other fans and I am hesitant to admit I have been ill this year. But I do not want your sympathy. I just want the right thing to be done. The lowest price for tickets on the market I have seen is $990 for top level, end zone seats. We cannot afford those prices, so I have no other solution but to ask you to reconsider your decision. You cannot not imagine how much this will mean to me. Please do the right thing. The right thing is never the easy thing to do but it has such great rewards. I will continue to love this University no matter your decision. But I beg you to take a second look at this for us. At least let us know you read our letter and did give us more consideration. My husband wrote you an email on December 7th and we did not receive a response. That is why I decided to try to appeal to you myself. I have copied his original email at the end of this message.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. I know this is a lengthy letter but it is worth your time. I want to close by letting you know what the University means to me. In 1989, I met my husband, Ernie, he asked me out to dinner for our first date. One of the first questions I asked him before accepting the dinner was that I needed to know if he was an Alabama or an Auburn fan. He graciously replied he pulled for both teams. I quickly responded that he had to decide, I could have none of the "I like them both". He replied well I guess I have to let you know I am a Alabama fan. Wow, we could date. Now twenty two years later, what a fool I would have been to let the best man I ever met to get away just because he pulled for Auburn. But I hope that is a small window into my feelings I have held for Bama. We both enjoy telling this story to people in Florida who do not understand the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn.

  • I can promise you one thing BAMABELLNTAMPA....Mal Moore never saw that email. You may have sent it to his address but he doesn't check his email....he doesn't even have a computer in his office. Some staff person gets emails for him and if you are lucky they may have read it but i'm sure Mal never heard anything of it. Now send him an email telling him you want to donate 500,000 dollars and i'm sure you will get a personal phone call in less than 24 hours.

  • I'm sorry but if I don't feel like reading all of this, then I doubt Mal Moore or any of the higher ups felt like reading it either.

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  • couldnt have said it better. fifteen years in tidepride and no tickets is a joke.Hope you get a response,

  • Will be receiving?? We are 10 days out and If you don't have them yet, they aren't coming bro!!

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  • Superwoody68

    He posted that 21 days ago, bro!! lol

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  • Agreed.

  • This. I hope he received academic credit for that dissertation.

  • I'll make this short, I have been in Tide Pride since the day it started, I stood in the Tide Pride office next to a young lady I know, that has worked as staff at the Univ. for 4 years. She got tickets, I did not. I don't think that is right. Plus, they cashed my check and said I would get it back whenever. Whenever hasn't come. I could have used that money for Christmas.