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Tommy Frazier (Lol)

  • You actually believe Saban didn't prepare his team for the triple option? What were they doing on the practice field all week, yoga? Give me a break.

  • Of course we prepared and practiced for it, but there's no damn way we spent much time on it pre-season when all our top opponents didn't run it. Then we spent a week on it before that game. No way to adequately prepare for an offense like that with that little practice time. Our coaches will tell you they knew we were going to have issues with them and would have to overcome some brain farts and errors, mainly for that reason. I seem to recall Kirby saying we scheduled that game before they switched to that offense. Takes time and experience like another poster said above to prepare for and adequately defend that offense, since it's so different from what we normally face with Pro-style and Spread offenses.

    Would we be able to hang with or beat Nebraska '95 running triple option? Who knows... kinda like wondering if Tyson could have beaten Ali, but I like our chances with the 2011 team and Saban with a month or more to prep. We have a pretty good track record in those situations.

  • If you think the guys prepared at all for that game then you have no idea what you are talking about! No emotion, lacking starters and looking forward to the next game is why that team ran for so many yards. It had everything to do with our team and nothing to do with wha they were doing.

    Case in point... W. Kentucky had 5... I said 5 sacks against our OL last year. Does that mean we can't handle a 4-3 defense too? NO. It is about preparing.

    I laugh at the people that try to bring up close games when speaking of great teams. None of the close games that Miami team played were against great comp. Most of the time they were against far lesser opponents in which they did not show up.

    When comparing teams like that compare teams with rest and top notch intensity levels. Because the teams are going to play their best in the NC game. They aren't going to play like they do against a Western Kentucky or a 1AA Western Kentucky. Those arguments are ridiculous IMO.

  • Per the players they were getting ready for Auburn the next week. Spent only two days on it.

    My question to you would be. Do you think Saban wanted to be more ready for GA So or a nationally televised game against his rival who beat him the year before and nearly beat his team the year before? Sitting Williams, Gentry, and some others is proof of what was more important.

    So what it really comes down to when comparing the two teams is that some think that Tom Osborne, with less talent, and a true running offense would outcoach Saban with 30 days to prepare with 10 NFL players on his D. I'm just not sure of it. Because the 2012 Alabama team had more talent than that Nebraska team. It also had a whole lot of experience as well.

  • Washington State was only beat by 14 that year by the Huskers. This same team finished 3 and 8. What would the score have been if the 2011 Bama team played the Huskers that day?

    Surely, Bama would have had a chance if the 3-8 Cougars who pulled out that nail biter against Montana could have hung with them.

    Bama had a couple bad games that year like every team in history has had. GA So is not representative of the 2011 Bama team anymore than Washington State game is representative of the Huskers game in 1995.

    Look at what each team did against their best competition. Bama played really bad the first time they played LSU but played fantastic the second time.

    In reality, that Bama team beat every team on its schedule by nearly 3 tds or more. That is as impressive as anything that the 95 Neb team did. Unfortunately, thy happened to lose to one of those teams they beat the crap out of on an off night.

  • I completely agree. No idea to know. One thing that is for sure. That NEB team was great. Another thing that makes them look even better is beating the pants off of Spurrierres Gator team. I will say however, Spurrier is the master at getting thumped against good teams or thumping good teams. He either has his team really prepared or they suck in big games. Now, did NEB spank a well prepared Spurrier team or a Spurrier team that was as ready as the team he had that was beaten by ECU or other teams that were outplayed/coached?

    Hard to say.