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True or False: ND has the best D we'll face this year

  • This, also, they'll have had 40+ days of game film to break down our offense. I think we'll see a very good defensive team, without necessarily the most freakish defensive players that we are accustomed to seeing at LSU. So overall, I'd say with the extended time, they'll be the best defensive unit we play.

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    "Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places you have to look at it right."

  • Are you sure about that? They have a 4* or 5* at every position except one 3* at CB. I did read your recruiting statement but they look great to me from that point. I'm not smart enough to look at their games and tell you how fast they are versus an LSU.

    I think they could very well be the best defense. Even playing the weaker competition they've done pretty well stat wise. Our advantage has to be AJ and Cooper. NO ONE can cover Cooper and that includes ND but they will probably double team him a lot. Our other WR's have to step up.

  • I've watched most of ND's games. They're not as athletic as LSU. They're 1000 times better than UGA. Their front 7 is solid, the secondary is serviceable. They play well together. They have been able to stop the run with the front and play 2 deep which has helped their d tremendously. They believe they can win which helps any team, however they haven't saw any team like what they will next month. They remind me of us in 08.

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  • Chris Walsh

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    Christopher Walsh covers Alabama football for BamaOnline, 247Sports, and is the author of 18 books.

  • Oh no you didn't! I thought this "front seven is good" debate got settled! They are number 12 in the SEC at stopping the run! Haha.

    Just kidding boss.

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  • OKL was 60th in the nation in rushing this year in a conference that plays terrible defense. OKL also had nearly 400 yards of total offense. Notre Dame did what they had done all year which was bend but not break. They also got a turnover when they needed it.

    Graham from Pitt ran for over 170 yds against them.

  • Bama ran the ball just like I said they would. The problem is we haven't been running the ball all year like we should have been. The numbers didn't surprise me at all. We have RBs that avg nearly 6.5 yds a carry against SEC comp. To avg over 7 against the same D style we play against every week in practice is not surprising to me at all.

    I think LSU is a great D as well. But our backs avged over 7 ypc against them also. We'll do the same against ND if we are committed to running the ball.

  • Good comparison to our 08 team. I don't think they run the ball or are as physical upfront on Offense as our 08 team nor do I think they are as good at DB as Jackson and Javy were or Rashad at safety but they are built the same. Big NT and strong MLB play.

    IMO they also haven't played teams as good or fast as our 08 team had to play.

  • UGA loaded the box though in the second half and we just shreaded them. They went 9 men in for a lot of that third quarter and were 10 men on the 2 point conversion. I know our OL is great but I think to say they are not fairly soft up front is ignoring the data, I mean take away the sacks and we had like 400 yards rushing.

  • I didn't see too many 9 man fronts. Some 8 but not 9. We had 2 WR on the field at almost all times (sometimes 3) so that alone makes it at best an 8-9 man front and they always had two safeties on the field and I'd have to look more closely but at least one was always 10 yards off the ball or more. That makes an 8 man front and usually a 7 man when we were in a 3 wide set.

    Did I overestimate their D front? Probably. But my point was never that they were great or as good as Bama. Just that the team that played the last 5 games was not the same team that gave up nearly 400 yds a game to non bcs teams early in the year and that looking at their total yards for the year was not indicative of the D we would see on Saturday.

    I still stand by that b/c if we had continued to play O like we had done all year (and we did for the first 20 minutes of the game and had 0 points) they would of shut us down. We did very little the first qtr and into the second (based solely on numbers then their D played as well as any D has against us all year) Through our first 4 possessions running the style of O we have for most of the year (which put us into the second qtr) we had less than 70 yds of total offense and . It wasn't until we lined up with 11:00 left in the second qtr and ran straight at them (something we had not done to anyone all year) like I have been screaming about all year that the game turned. I believe if this team is motivated (and they were motivated as hell on Saturday) they would avg 7 ypc against any team in the nation. No team in the nation could stand up against this O if they were committed to doing that for four qtrs. I said it before and I'll say it again. This is the greatest run blocking OL in the history of college football IMO (traditional sets as it is too hard to compare what Nebraska and teams like that have done in teh past). You don't have 4 guys that are likely starters (possibly all pros) in the NFl whose strengths are run blocking and not be dominant. Add two NFL running backs to hand the ball off and you get the rushing attack we woulda seeen against LSU (top 10 rushing D) and against UGA on Saturday. Until we decided to run the ball we had about 70 yds of offense. That is 20 minutes into the game. At that pace we end up with less than 250 total yards for the game. Thankfully we lined up and won or lost the game on the back of our best asset (our line). It is what I have been upset about all year in close games.

    You mentioned something about taking away the sacks? AJ added yards to our total so it's hard for me to take away anything. Even still we ran for over 330 yds. Very impressive.

    Also, it wasn't like our D was impressive. We gave up nearly 400 yds of offense to a team that had the ball about half as long as we did and gave up 5.5 ypc carry to their starting RB (almost the same ypc as Yeldon) against an OL that is shaky at best.

    As I stated before the game. I think this Bama team has the best O in the nation. They proved it on Saturday. I believe the result of Saturday was more about what we did on O than what they were doing on D. I've felt this same way all year we just haven't played the kind of football I felt this team was best at playing. Luckily, we went away from the pass or we would have ended up with about 20 pts and 350 yds of offense (at best as we weren't anywhere close to that when we started running the ball but had 2 ints and about 40 yds rushing) and a running game that accounted for 150 yds or so.