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UGA Fan buddy assertion re: Greyshirts

  • Georgia's Classes vs. Bama's Classes:
    2009- 20 v 28
    2010- 27 v. 27
    2011- 26 v. 25
    2012- 19 v. 26

    So, maybe the difference between us and UGA has less to do with being unwilling to sign over 25, and more to do with actually consistently signing 25 and keeping them? I've said this many times, but the whole "how are we going to sign 25?" thing is only an issue because we actually keep enough guys in the program to ever be close to the 85 cap. UGA, AU and the like would do just like us if they actually ever kept guys in school so they *could* hit the 85 cap.

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  • RE: Bama4Ever1 and Oldie Olderson conversation.

    I'm pretty sure we were tight on the 85 limit last Fall (2012) before Bowman, Carswell, and Carter transferred.

    Then, B. Hill delayed (presumably) due to grades. Then Travell Dixon transferred abruptly during Fall camp.

    There was then some noise of some walk-ons being awarded scholarships. It is assumed these were upper-classmen,
    as has been the case through the years when CNS awards scholarships to walk-ons.
    K. Johnson; J. Shelley; & C. Tinker may have been awarded scholarships, and C. Mandell may have as well.

    It is my belief that this is how it played out, and those 4 former walk-ons brought us to the 85 limit.

    If this is accurate, the departure of the 8 known Sr's (Dial; Jones; Johnson; Lester; Square; Warmack; Williams;
    and Williams); plus 3 former walk-ons (Johnson; Shelley; and Tinker); plus 3 Jr's (Lacy; Fluker; and Milliner
    leaving early for the NFL) equals 14 scholarship players completing or forgoing college eligibility.

    85 - 14 = 71 (scenario where Mandell WAS and IS on Scholarship)


    84 - 14 = 70 (scenario where Mandell was not on Scholarship)

    Then add in the 7 Early Enrollees in January, 2013. (Bateman; Brown; Falkins; Henry; Hill; Howard; and McLeod)

    ... brings the number to 77 or 78, arguably dependent upon the status of Mandell.

    If we sign the full 26 slots that are believed in play, minus the 7 EE's, means 19 signees for 7 or 8 slots.

    Here is where it gets fuzzy, but I am sold on the perspective that CNS is fair and reasonable in his management
    of these situations, and I agree with what Oldie said above.

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