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Will ND dual qb system give bama problems?

  • There's not enough there when you talk about ND's offense. I agree on Eieffert on most accounts, but we've been hurt here when the quality of the outside guys has been good. I don't think the ND outside guys are that good and I believe CJ stays on the field for the following reason...I don't believe their run game and OL is good enough to be successful against our defense. I also don't believe they have the QB or receivers to challenge us what are they going to do. We will take away the run and make them beat us throwing anyone scared of ND's passing offense ? It's better than LSU's was last year, or is it???

    We keep that group on their end of the field and not turn it over and give them easy scores and I can see this one looking similar to the one last year, ND's defense however is not nearly as good as LSU's was and I'd say our offense has improved 10 fold.

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    "You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you deserve"

  • They have no real threat at WR. On third down and long, they look to Eiffert and Riddick basically everytime from what I have seen.

  • shawnboy

    If you have 2 qbs then you have no qbs is the saying I believe. I'm not worried.

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    Never Gets Old

  • I think both will play... but by the 4th quarter neither one will be that interested in being chosen

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  • My only concern is AJ having an off night, that evening.

    I think that, if you look at the gameplan we've gone with in several of our big games, the one common denominator is that we've consistently attacked those defenses by throwing the ball on 1st down, especially early in games, thus keeping them from stacking the box, at which point we then wore them down in the 2nd half with a punishing ground attack.

    With so many analysts saying that ND's obvious weak link, on defense, is it's secondary, while on the flip side also saying that their front 7 is the caliber of an elite SEC defense (which I don't necessarily doubt, however I'm going to have a difficult time believing this until I've seen it), it seems like almost a foregone conclusion that we'll be going with a similar gameplan that we've used against LSU the last 2 times.

    Of course, it seems like such a no brainer that CBK & his staff will probably be trying to game plan against us doing just that, which is why the only concern that I have is AJ having an off night, or making a critical mistake early, which leads to a defensive TD or a turnover deep in our territory which leads to a TD & gives the Domers gaining confidence which I believe they'll otherwise never really gain. I love that we switched up our gameplan against Georgia as quickly as we did, but we were much more stubborn in other games where we continued throwing the ball even when it seemed obvious that we would be

    The silver lining is that it was fairly obvious that, during that stretch where AJ struggled so much, he was dealing with some kind of lingering injury problem, which was preventing him from making throws that he typically makes. That's why it's such a good thing that he's had such an extended period of time, now, to heal up. He's become so good at not only reading the defense, but baiting the defense into showing them whether or not they were blitzing, & where they were blitzing from, during his pre-snap read & then capitalizing on that read by throwing the ball exactly where it needed to be thrown, that when he wasn't making those throws he normally makes it became more & more obvious that it must've been injury related, which mitigates my concern a good bit.

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  • In terms of dealing with their offense, I'm with you guys, I just see their offense as almost the perfect offense for our defense to be able to perform at the level that we've become accustomed to seeing our guys perform.

    We're not going to have to keep extra defenders out of the box, in order to help in pass coverage on a consistent basis. We're going to be able to attack their running game the way we like, which I have a really difficult time envisioning not being insanely successful.

    Sure, we have to account for Golson being able to scramble, some, but he's nowhere near as elusive as a Johnny Football & while he does seem to show increased accuracy on the intermediate throw, I have a really difficult time seeing him being able to consistently progress through all of his WR options until finding the guy in the best position to come away with a catch, & then consistently putting the ball into the exact spot where only his guy can make a play on it, the way Manziel & Murry were able to do, or even the way Mett was able to do in the LSU game. Especially with the way we'll be showing him one thing, prior to the snap, & then doing something completely different, in which case when we do bring pressure I think we'll be much more successful with that pressure than we were against the likes of LSU, TAMU or UGA.

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  • Well, you are spot on about the injury thing and's water under the bridge now so no reason to bring it back up. I definitely believe you see us spread ND out early and try and get some quick completions to Cooper on the screens and just throwouts to the boundary...I don't see them being able to cover Cooper. I also believe we can have success throwing to the backs, and I also see us working it deeper behind the backers on the crossing routes and fades to Cooper, Norwood, Jones. If we show this early and are effective and it gets them amped up to rush us hard I can see the outside running game having a lot of success. I believe we will have an outstanding offensive gameplan that forces ND to use more of the personnel they are not as comfortable using...beyond the front seven they are average at best, especially when you compare them to secondaries in the SEC....both are 6', 5'11" and 180 lbs, one is a true frosh; one safety is a converted WR and 6 foot as well. If they try and play as they have they are going to let one or both corners try and cover somebody one on one and I like our chances for success there. I can also see them keeping the safeties deeper much like UGA did trying to prevent Cooper from beating them. I'd like to see us force them to play the pass first and start working the edges.

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    "You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you deserve"

  • If they had two good-to-great QBs, then the answer might be yes. But they don't. They have two QBs that they don't really trust (the "starter" has been pulled 4 times this year due to poor play), who will going up against the #1 D in the country.

    If I am the ND coaching staff, I'm praying that I can get ONE of them ready to play. I can't imagine splitting precious practice time between two of them.