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Will Saban Adapt?

  • scottchap

  • Dude Saban is relentless he is a professor of the game of football. It took him a year to figure out Florida the Myer/Tebow effect. He will study this and have it figured out in no time. Matter of fact it would be nice to see Kstate and the Domers lose just to show you how we would embarrass Oregon. We lost tonight because we missed opportunities and turned the ball over. Not coaching or any number of plays. We have just had a bad two weeks when it comes to little things that make a difference going our way. I think this may have more to do with being tired and beat up from a players point. We have some key injuries this year as well. I am surprised we have done this well missing people like Fowler, White,and Hart. I realize these are all O players but key O player especially Fowler help keep the D off the field which is where I believe all our problems have stemmed. Saban is a D master mind and if he hasn't got it figured already he will soon. Just stay the course and relax in the morning when you wake up you will still be a part of the greatest football tradition ever and the aggies will still be well aggies. Roll Tide and don't stress it we just lost a game. The football program is not falling apart.