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With Kelly leaving, made me think, what will be the reaction

  • We were listening to sports talk radio while down in Miami for the NCG and I could not get over how their fans are still so angry about Saban leaving. It made me wonder if Saban had left and hadn't been so successful at Bama, would there be so much anger?
    If the Dolphins had hired a coach worth a damn and were winning, would the anger still linger for Saban?

    Isn't this anger from the media and other fans because Saban has won and won big. Kind of like when you see that guy or girl who dumped you and they look horrible, you have to admit, there is a bit a of a smile in your heart? Don't you think if Saban had come to Bama and failed the whole Dolphin departure would be old news?

    Hell hath no fury like a football fan scourned!

    What will the reaction be to Kelly leaving Oregon after telling his staff and players he was coming back?

  • RTR 65

    That whole "Saban lied" crap was contrived. They kept badgering him and he said "What do you want me to say? That I'm not going to be the Alabama coach?" Reporter says yes and then Saban says the line that he's been blistered for ever since. NO coach can be totally forthcoming on job issues. Its the nature of the beast so ALL coaches could be called liars when it comes to their interest in other jobs. Patently ridiculous and just used as an excuse for the Saban haters who really only hate him because they can't beat him.